Has anyone recommendations for or inspired podcasts?

@esther @42GB

"These results could represent the first insights into fungal intelligence, even consciousness.

That’s a very big ‘could,’ but depending on the definitions involved, the possibility remains, though it would seem to exist on time scales, frequencies and magnitudes not easily perceived by humans. "

@esther @luka did you have a chance to have a look at the atlas of physarum computing?

@esther @luka I just googled phyrarum computing. Also from Adamatzky. Not that I understand any of it. Just liked the idea of a fungi cpu.

@42GB They're not podcasts but instead YouTube videos. They're on the topic of #solarpunk and produced by "Andrewism". He is articulate and thoughtful and I find his videos well-prepared and -researched.

@billmania Oh. Thanks for reminding. I think I came across his “what is solarpunk” video. I need to check other videos as well. Perfect.

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