@42GB This defends a good cause with terrible arguments, actually the author seems to be making up excuses to talk about a hot controversial topic and claim to add his own contribution. I wish we forgot this website already; tons of better contributions have been made, even by me

@afr Would you like to add a link to one of the contributions you were mentioning? Im not saying this is the best article about this topic.. I was not coming across thousands of them before..

@42GB There's this link: gemini://auragem.space/GeminiH which provides opinionated, but reasonable criticisms of the web. My personal take is that we didn't lose the web, but we're getting distracted of its social potential by a few major antisocial companies like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. On the other hand, this protocol has been pushed by Google IMO because they immediately felt its potential for mass surveillance and centralization.

@42GB Mass surveillance because of its third-party trackers, centralization because every website is supposed to have its own layout; we treat original designs as we'd treat a high-budget YouTube channel or, to caricature, novel ideas in a stimulating reading. Some websites are even web clients while Gemini users tend to manage all their mailboxes with client-centric software, and prefer to read on a dedicated protocol: Gemini is read-only, we write offline and generally push our texts with SSH.

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