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We are calling on everyone of you who will come across this Toot to not just read and pass but instead, kindly make a financial commitment (not minding the haters and the Climate enemies with their gossips and attacks!) no matter how little! Remember, little drops of water make a mighty Ocean!
We are partnering with the CLIMATELIVE NIGERIA ( Twitter: @climate_nigeria and Instagram: @climatelivenigeria to host music Concerts all over the Country and now in the Niger Delta areas of Nigeria in this month of May,2022 but, unfortunately up till this moment, we haven't gotten half of the total funds needed for the UYO CLIMATE EVENT in AKWA IBOM State located at the Niger Delta region of Nigeria where Environmental atrocities have been perpetrated by these Fossil fuel Companies.
If you google Climate live Nigeria, you will see for yourselves what we have done so far in Nigeria and the Media publications made by the Nigerian Press about our events here and those were our reasons for believing that, we deserve your Supports again to continue our Climate advocacy here uninterrupted unless, you don't want to be honest, sincere and devoid of sentiments in your assessments of our work here in Nigeria.
Kindly get in touch with us now via e-mail , Twitter, Instagram or directly via this platform for instructions on how you can easily send in your donations to us and whatever you send will be happily received and greatly appreciated and they will certainly serve as more inspirations to each and every one of us here to go the extra miles.

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We are so delighted to join this platform today to further strengthen our Climate advocacy in Nigeria.
Kindly help us to amplify our voices through this platform. You can always get in touch with us through e-mail, , Twitter; @FridaysNigeria, Instagram; @Fridaysforfuturenigeria.

Some people here obviously thought that,by not responding to our requests to them that, the event won't hold as planned!
That's a wicked thing to do.
You were contacted to support an event and you ignored the request without any good reason if not Racism.

@prolrage They have done, and are doing, what white "enviromentalists" have columbussed world-wide recently since day 1.

One of the performing Artists in our UYO CLIMATE EVENT next weekend.
OGB Laxxy!

Dear good people, this is the time to unite and fight the Climate Crisis!
Bring out your money and spend it on events aimed at safeguarding this one Planet because,

This our event on the 29th of this month (May) needs your financial supports no matter how little!
Contact us now via e-mail:

We are urgently asking everyone to help us financially for this event to enable us hold it as planned. Please! Please!! and Please again!!!
E-mail now for the donation details.

The complete lineup of Artists and speakers at the first UYO CLIMATE EVENT tagged UYO 2022! This music Concert will take place @emeraldeventcentre in UYO, AKWA IBOM State of Nigeria on the 29th of this month (May),2022 and will serve as the first of its kind in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
The list includes;
(1) KINGSLEY ODOGWU- @climatelivenigeria Country Representative will be one of the Speakers in this event.
(2) NWANEKPE CHIDERA @hotboxofchocolate - From the University of Nigeria Nsukka will be the second Speaker on that day.
(3) @meloboyz - Artists and they will perform in the event.
(4) @goose_bumps101 - Hype man and will perform in the event.
(5) @funbagmcuba - Comedian and will perform in the event.
(6) @badguylaxxy - Artist and will perform in the event.
(7) @caftenofficials - Artist and will perform in the event.
(8) @c2cnaija - Artist and will perform in the event.
(9) @iam_mcwalter - Comedian. Will as well perform in the event.

For the first Uyo Climate event tagged;
UYO 2022!
Which will take place @ the Emerald Event Centre in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria on the 29th of this May.
Kindly donate now to make this event happen with a view to liberating the Niger Deltans from the Fossil fuel destructions which they have suffered for many years and are still suffering from it till date!
We will openly encourage from the event stage on that day,all the Attendees to endorse the Fossil Fuels Non-proliferation Treaty online.
DM us now or send e-mail to, or for the donation details if you really do care for these lives and the resources that are being wasted there (Niger Delta) on a daily basis by these Fossil fuel Companies.
We will be extremely grateful if you would deem it fit to donate now to enable us organise this particular event there.
This particular event has suffered a lot of challenges because, that's the region where the indigenous people in Nigeria are being exploited,maltreated and on several occasions,many have lost their lives as a result of the Environmental destructions there.
We cannot be stopped by these challenges if you would agree to support us today, bearing in mind that, we just have few more days to the event date.

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