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New York Times #ProudBoys video 

Have you watched this video that @nytimes put together with help from us sedition hunters? Please do and please, please share to help out us protect democracy around the world!

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I want to try to send this message out more as the midterms approach to help get a :

"That is the very toughest part of being a Democrat. We get slammed from both the right and even from the left with whom we don't always agree but despite what Eloon says we're tolerant of everyone to the left of us pretty much even though we are moderates."

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If there was some way to get all Americans to view this video than we would have almost 100% voter turnout this November and no Republicans up for election would remain in office.

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@JohnJClimateMarcher Cool thanx a bunch, I am not going to go through old pictures though then I might have been working to remediate uranium mines or on Wicca mountain waste storage.

Anyway back to current events, glad I happened to catch this: Friday's For The Future on Faux News! I spent last few years until pandemic helping to start a youth climate movement as only some few on here are aware as I didn't post on this platform until after Twitter suspended me last year (not certain why but probably related to helping to identify January 6th insurrectionists I suppose). Anyway I tried to make certain to retweet and get more followers to young people in repressive governments in my small attempt to increase whatever safety that might gain them.

So this brave young couple that I boosted for years zoomed into Fox News. I have no idea if producer knew the Fridays For Future International connection but Arshak said it on the clip at least twice 👍💪👏🏾🙏🏽

Good night, I'll leave with this what I consider to be a good joke from @davramdavram:

Donald Trump eats his steak well done and with ketchup and people thought he wouldn’t cause a constitutional crisis.

15:29 on Wednesday June 29th, over the North Atlantic Ocean

Behind the curtain of Wells Fargo's corporate PAC

Wells Fargo is a shit company both to work for and to bank with. Do yourselves a favor & move your accounts. It’s worth the short-term pita to get out from under their corporate greed

Properties of the #number 669:
- Odd
- Composite
- Prime factorization = 3 × 223
- 2 prime factors
- 4 divisors
- φ(n) = 444
- Binary: 1010011101
- Hex: 29d

More info:

On the day that our SCOTUS guts EPA's ability to restrict greenhouse gas emissions, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell threatened to derail a bill designed to boost semiconductor manufacturing in the United States if Democrats revive their stalled package of energy and economic initiatives, .

This is a really bad one and definitely not getting enough attention.

Make no mistake; they are coming for everyone's rights. This affects the ability for you to get a fair trial, or even your right for fair representation if you're incorrectly accused of a crime.

SCOTUS just quietly slashed your Sixth Amendment rights:
The silence on social media is alarming — we should be very scared and very, very angry.

Plus this-

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs challenges in Texas 'qualified immunity' cases-

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday refused to revive civil rights lawsuits against jail staff and police in two cases from Texas in which these officials were granted a protection called "qualified immunity" after being accused of misconduct.

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Looks like women and other people who are pregnant and need abortion care aren't going to know from day to day where they can get it. Today a Kentucky judge struck down the state's total ban on abortions (along with the Florida judge in the other article I posted), so providers can resume their work in Kentucky again. How can anyone operate like this? For Republicans, I'm sure the chaos is a feature, not a bug. How many people are scrambling to schedule their medical care, trying to get in before the next judge lifts the injunction?

Watching "The Right Stuff" (1983) on HBO Last Chance list realizing that I never saw the actual footage of the first US Manned launch before. Well here it is #space #aerospace #history…
Well this is happening even faster than my worst case predictions. This is truly horrific. If the speed with which these same organization's coordinated efforts got "Don't Say Gay" bills through is an indication this will happen as early as next year if the GOP controls your state, local, or the federal legislature and executive offices. I know I sound like a broken record but if you vote in ways that give the GOP power (including not voting) in this election you are enablers of this shit plain and simple. There is no plausible deniability available to you. #uspoli…

@GreenFire Brulé Lakota here. Love these pearls of wisdom. Image description:

"Someday the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you too will die." - HOLLOW HORN BEAR

New abortion ban bill introduced in SC Senate would prohibit anyone from telling a pregnant woman that she could go to another state for an abortion, prohibit anyone from driving her there, and prohibits a website from providing info about abortion.

Earth First: **More Trees Spiked in the Welaunee Forest**

"from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest Last night we randomly inoculated dozens of trees with steel and ceramic spikes to protect against felling by chainsaw. Signs were posted in English and Spanish to alert workers. This process is harmless to the trees, […]"

#anarchism #bot

if one did not see this movie when it came out, is probably the time to watch it:

some issues all should be aware of (watch all videos:)

if not working try here (watch all videos:)

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