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I hope that Gaetz' arrest will slow down GOP momentum going into mid-term elections that are so vital to get . I hope it comes soon.

After investigation began, Gaetz spoke with his ex-girlfriend in a three-way call with a woman who was cooperating with federal investigators and was recording a call on which Gaetz is suspected of obstructing justice.

#Antivax #COVID19
Just like the tobacco industry back when (along with the pro-DDT, anti-ozone, pro-SST, anti-EPA, astroturf campaigns right on up to climate denial and science denial in general)... it's the same damn players!
The Merchants of Doubt are at work behind the scenes with their schemes;
"Doubt is our product!"

Article: the Daily Poster

Biden did not greenlight an invasion of Ukraine. Biden has built a large coalition of countries to impose major sanctions on Russia should Putin invade. Biden also pledged $650 million in security assistance to Ukraine this year. That's trying to deter, not greenlight war.

I know the GOP is closer to being a fascist cult than a sane political party nowadays , but blaming Biden for Putin invading Ukraine again is like blaming Bush for Saddam invading Kuwait, blaming Eisenhower for Soviets invading Hungary, or blaming Roosevelt for Hitler invading Poland.

This is what happens when a gang of thugs (GOP) of with no actual beliefs other than gaining power for the sake of power weaponizes anything they can to distract people from facts, truth, and real information.

Biden's Ukraine comments prompt uproar -

“Our democracy is at stake,” Sisolak said. “You can’t have people filing false reports and fake certifications and what not.”

**that's exactly the GOP plan, though.**

I-Team: Nevada Gov. Sisolak says fake electoral certificates would be criminal:

Biden’s accomplishments this year include:

The $1.9 trillion Covid relief deal.

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Getting 72 percent of American adults fully vaccinated.

Getting 41 federal judges appointed and confirmed (Most of any president in his first year.)

An economy where the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9 percent, and GDP growth was its highest in decades.

Got us finally out of Afghanistan, the black hole of wars.

Speeding up our transition to renewable energy (electric cars, offshore wind, solar installations.)

Cancelled future leasing of oil and gas wells on federal lands and waters.

Restored the Bears Ears national monument.

Oversaw federal responses to multiple disasters.

I'm progressive, and quite ok with this. Would I like more? You bet. But we are only 1 year into a 4 year term. I'm patient, especially considering that the only goal of Republicans is to sabotage him.

Ah, a little bit of news that's not all doom and gloom ala #climatechange

Thanks, I needed that!

Courtesy of Now This Earth and SPAWN (Salmon Protection and Watershed Network):

YouTube video:

iOS (v 15.2 & up) user? @lilyhnewman explains how to turn on (& read) App Privacy Report to record details about what your apps are up to.

Anything look suspect (e.g. apps communicating w/sketchy 3rd-parties)? Delete those apps from your device.

Original tweet :

In dealing with those who are undergoing great suffering, if you feel burnout setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective. ~ Dalai Lama

I just can't help thinking that religion is incompatible with a rational, compassionate society.

**The reality is that Biden has done a great job — but the pundits can't admit it**

"As President Biden marked the anniversary of his first year in office Wednesday, the reviews have come in. A raft of pundits and pollsters describe him as “limping,” “struggling” even “failing.”Have you people lost your minds?The answer to the question “what grade do you give Biden’s first year in office?” is “A+.” Anyt…"

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Good story on National Public Radio describing how the progressives that are safely representing liberal congressional districts, like for example Hakeem Jeffries, may give the Republicans back control of Congress by hanging the Democrats in swing districts out to dry.

I would like Rex Tillerson to testify under oath.

Probe into climate disinformation by oil companies profiting off polluting our planet broadens.

**Headlines for January 21, 2022**

"U.S. Secretary of State Meets Russian Counterpart Amid Impasse over Buildup on Ukraine Border, Jan. 6 Committee Asks Ivanka Trump to Testify; Georgia DA Requests Grand Jury for Trump Probe, Jamaal Bowman Among 28 Arrested at Peaceful Voting Rights Protest, Sen. Mitch McConnell Suggests Black Voters Are Not "Americans", Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Proposes First-of-Its-Kind …"

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The special committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack is asking Ivanka Trump to speak with them — and tell them what she saw and heard in the White House on and leading up to that day.

**Ukraine says Russia recruiting mercenaries, sending arms to east**

"Kyiv says Russia is surging support to pro-Moscow groups in separatist regions as top US, Russian diplomats meet."

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‘Rebuilding [U.S.] partnerships and alliances around the world that had been frayed’ by Donald Trump is what Pres. Biden is most proud of foreign policy-wise during his first year in office, said press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday


Die Landwirtschaft heizt die Klimakrise mit an. Sie ist aber nicht nur von Folgen betroffen, sondern kann auch sozialgerecht zum Klimaschutz beitragen! Damit schnell umgesteuert wird, haben wir heute unsere LaWi-Forderungen an das Ministerium von @cem_oezdemir übergeben. #WHES22

Currently, listening to Bat Out Of Hell.

RIP Meatloaf.

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