Hey @davidrevoy,

Would you do a paid comission for the ?


We need a logo and a mascot.
I'm thinking the logo could be something like a book with the Fediverse logo on it and the mascot could be an owl holding that book, but I'm not sure yet.

in Italiano


Circa la metà del wiki è ora tradotto in italiano.
È tradotto al computer, quindi sarebbe bello se qualcuno potesse guardarlo e verificare la presenza di errori.

needs your with .

, & are near 100%.
still has ways to go and
only has one unfinished page.

Other are completely missing so far.
So if you can and are somewhat familiar with wikis please help out.

Here is a guide to starting translated pages: joinfediverse.wiki/Meta:Pages_

Please .

Does anybody here have experience with and and could tell me what some differences, advantages and disadvantages are?

He comenzado a traducir joinfediverse.wiki al español.

Quizás @olamundo o @DeBMC están interesadxs en traducirla al portugués? :blobcatsip:

Gracias nuevamente a @PaulaToThePeople por crear esta wiki! :fediverse:

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