Mein 2000 Follower Special:

Ich werde die Fediverse & in Österreich und Deutschland verteilen.

Hier sind sie zu sehen:

Bitte meldet euch bei mir, wenn ihr welche wollt und sagt mir:
* Wie viele Flyer?
* Wie viele Sticker? (wie viele von welchem?)
* Würdet ihr dafür was spenden?
* Wohin darf ich sie senden?

Meldet euch ruhig zahlreich und gebt große Mengen an Flyern und Stickern an, auch wenn ihr nichts dafür hergeben könnt. Das ganze soll eine große Aktion werden und je mehr gedruckt wird, desto billiger wird das Einzelexemplar.

@snoky @mihira No alternatives *to* the Fediverse is correct.
It's a joke turning everything around and acting like the Fediverse is the well known Social Media platform and the others are "better" because of all the surveillance and ads and so on.

The :

We still need your help.

1. give feedback (this step is pretty much done, but some minor changes can still be made)

2. translate it (for now it just exists in English and German)

3. give feedback on the translations

4. volunteer to be a "superspreader" - someone who will have all the flyers for one country sent to them and distributie to smaller spreaders

5. donate. the more donations we receive the more flyers can be printed.

Do you ever wonder what it was like if social media was less toxic?
What if you could engage with your people in a meaningful way without being harassed?

In the that is possible!
Lots of nice people are waiting for you there.

Let's get Greta Thunberg to join the .

Here is what you can do:
* boost this post
* post your own post with the hashtag, here and on other social media platforms
* ask Greta to join or
* retweet this post on the birdsite:
* Let's make JoinTheFediverseGreta trend.

You probably heard of Mastodon lately. It's part of the Fediverse, which is a giant network of social media platforms.
People there would like to see you join the .

You can e.g. create an account at

How to react to ?

1. Join the Fediverse:
2. Tell your Twitter followers you moved
3. Delete your Twitter account.
4. Be happy you are now on the better Twitter.

:boosts_ok_gay: :boosts_ok_gay:

I am actively looking for anyone interested in contributing content to update what I've got on

I'm starting with adding more to using Mastodon, but plan on expanding to other federated platforms.

:boosts_ok_gay: :boosts_ok_gay:

Hey @david,
cool site. I just added it to the Fediverse weblinks on the wiki.


A German version of the flyer now exists (though feel free to suggest better translations).

Please help translate the flyer in different languages. You can log in to the wiki and use the wiki's function to translate it here:

Or just send me your translation as text.

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