Danke wetteronline, jetzt fühlen sich die 36° gleich viel besser an!

Das Arbeitsschutzgesetz der BRD sieht vor: „Führt die Sonneneinstrahlung durch Fenster, Oberlichter und Glaswände zu einer Erhöhung der Raumtemperatur über +26 °C, so sind diese Bauteile mit geeigneten Sonnenschutzsystemen auszurüsten." In Österreich gibt es eine derartige Regelung nicht.

Zum im Kopf behalten: 30 Jahre Schengen-Grenzregime resultierten in rund 50000 dokumentierten Todesfällen unter Flüchtenden – blog.tfiu.de/kopfzahlen-uber-g

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Cycling and walking are not inherently dangerous. All danger begins and ends with cars, all harm comes from cars, and policing the behaviour of pedestrians and cyclists is useless victim-blaming at best and wilful negligence at worst.

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Wenn die Welt will, dass die verschuldeten Länder ihre Fossilien im Boden lassen, müssen zuerst die Schulden des globalen Südens gestrichen werden.
Solange die sogenannte debt trap diplomacy anhält, werden alle Klima- und Umweltpläne ins Leere laufen.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima

Who is to blame for global warming?

There is a staggering imbalance: the ecological guilt of a world minority - the Global North - is immeasurably greater than the guilt of the Global South with its low emissions.

#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima

The debt of countries in the Global South is also significantly related to the damage caused by the #G7 and their exploitation. Therefore, the debts on the IMF and World Bank balance sheets are pure lies that perpetuate colonialism.

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Auch wenn es Sommer ist und wir vermutlich alle keine Lust mehr auf Pandemie haben: Maske tragen schützt auch weiterhin. Und zwar nicht nur Euch, sondern auch andere, die vielleicht sonst gar nicht erst am öffentlichen Leben teilnehmen können, weil es für sie so zu riskant wäre.


Asking for donations after an accident to afford urgent healthcare, please boost 

electrods can only be used up to 20 times, and I can't pay for new ones as it's 20€ for 16 electrods (I have to use 4 each time) to be able to use my TENS as much as needed.

My meds don't help at all and I yell and cry out of pain a lot.

Any help is truly appreciated, even just a boost would mean a lot and save us.

PayPal: paypal.me/VirgileMougin

Thank you so much for any support, sending all my love. 🖤


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#QOTD The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe : it was clever and convinced the trees that bc its handle was made of wood, it was one of them. Turkish proverb

🔸Übernachtung für eine Person im Mehrbettzimmer in Berlin = 30 €

🔸Übernachtung für fünf Personen im Mehrbettzimmer in Berlin = 150 €

Schick einen Menschen in Berlin auf die Straße oder gleich eine ganze Gruppe:


„I insist that a strong, aggressive political movement is going to be necessary, and this can not be simply environmentalists alone … they do not have the material political power to pull off the kind of transition that is required, given the fact that it runs against the interests of the ruling class. What is going to be required for that is alliance with working class formations and labour unions.” Jason Hickel

"People now are very clearly widely aware of the crises of climate change and ecological breakdown, and we’re also widely aware that existing efforts to address this crises are failing. The news just keeps getting worse, and no meaningful progress is being made. So the question is, why is this happening? Is it because we’re not trying hard enough, is it because we don’t care? My argument is, that it’s happening because of the underlying structure of our economic system." (Jason Hickel)

Leute, Long Covid ist kein Spaß. Behaltet eure Masken auf und lasst euch regelmäßig testen!

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