Now that I introduced myself let me introduce this instance and let me do it by rewriting an old post of mine (see

This instance is for everybody who considers themselves part of the .
No matter if you're moderate or radical, blocking mines or marching at peaceful protests, no matter if you're a green capitalist changing the system from within or an anarcho-socialist trying to smash the system to bits, no matter if you'repart of the movement for a long time or haven't even really decided to become active.
You can all join and please respect each other even though you're all different. It needs all of us united to fight the . The biggest danger of today's world can't be conquered if we're separate.

Oh and: No matter if you're one of my best friends or a stranger who won't join my instance - know that I love all of you! 💓


And now some facts about the instance:
* big thanks to @admin for installing Mastodon!
* the instance is hosted by Contabo, which doesn't yet, but will hopefully soon run on 100% green energy.
* we have a 5000 character limit.
* the service is free for everyone as long as some nice people donate voluntarily.

If there is anything else you want to know just ask. :)

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