Follow recommendation for all the 'rs and 'ers:


Their motto is "self host all the things!" which is obviously a great way to stay away from .

Among many many other things they host and . Three services to access content from , and without sending any data to , or .

@PaulaToThePeople If people can do port forwarding on their home computer, try out Yunohost!

been self-hosting: nextcloud, XMPP, searx for about 2 years now.


@PaulaToThePeople The invidious home instance was shut down.

The invidious software package is still maintained, though.

@Anarkat but snopyta's instance is up and running:

and it has video proxy enabled by default, so 0 data is sent to Google.

@PaulaToThePeople Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying that snopyta hosted the Prime invidious instance.

I take it back. I take it all back!

@PaulaToThePeople This is nonsense. Invidious loads the video files from Google servers so they know your IP address and what you are watching. None of these Google front ends acts as a proxy, which would cost real money, they all expose you to Google monitoring.

@judgedread There's a proxy function and when its enabled you can watch videos with all connections to Google blocked.
I'm no expert, but I put one and one together...

@PaulaToThePeople Wrong. They always load the core video file from Google.

Now... that's if you just visit. If you can REGISTER... well, what fucking good does that do? Then they have a complete history of what you watch.
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