Are you or both and do you like ?

Then this spreadsheet is a must for you:

You can filter the books e.g. by sexuality and romantic orientation of the relevant character as well as by relationship type or genre.

Big thanks to @sunflower_avenue for recommending the site to me.

So far I've read (I'm asexual):

The Birds, the Bees and You and Me
Olivia Hinebaugh
Great sex-positive story with an asexual main character.

Endless Days of Summer
Stacy O'Sheen
Lovely romance with female, homoromantic, asexual lead character.

Far From Home
Lorelie Brown
Definitely recommendable to read once. Demisexual lead according to the book, though I wouldn't put her on the ace spectrum at all.

Summer Bird Blue
Akemi Dawn Bowman
It starts a bit rough, but the story turns out great. Asexual lead.

That's Not What Happened
Kody Keplinger
CW: School-shooting
Captivating story with asexual heteroromantic lead.

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@PaulaToThePeople I love that database so so much! Claudie Arsenault is wonderful for putting it all together

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