If it constantly happens, it's not isolated incidents, it's systemic!

If police constantly kills POC, it's not some bad apples, it's !

If a political party is full of nazis, it's a nazi-party!

If your fediverse instance is full of nazis, it's not a "" instance, it's a nazi instance!

If is constantly in the news for data leaks it's not data leaks, it's !

If there are weather extremes on a daily basis, it's not the weather, it's the !


from old account.


"SurveillanceCapitalist"? how about #SurveillanceCommunist ?

At least do you research on china and research how they do the surveillance, do they same for cuba and venezuela how they "own" the internet in their country and how those communist country punish their citizen if they do wrong use of the internet. To get better in your "privacy" articles instead of a list of open source app that have nothing to do with privacy. 🙃


Ok point taken about the article and yes you never said that.

But it don't have nothing to do with capitalism. Is just surveillance, fix the tag please. People living in a communist country have the same issue and even worse your are killed.

@x41kla @PaulaToThePeople

Ofc dictatorships utilize mass surveillance tech for the betterment of their hegemony, but that doesn't mean there is just as direct a connection between the concentration of capital in the hands of a few and their subsequent ambition to establish complete control over a populace. It is the same function - people become powerful, mass surveillance gets established - don't engage in whataboutism.

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