to the / to

Here is my article on Mastodon and Fediverse for Beginners:

Hier gibts eine Deutsche Version:

Feel free to spread, copy, adapt, translate, ... under (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike).
Also please spread this outside of the Fediverse.
But are also always appreciated.

So, parts 1 & 2 of my / guide are out.

What would you like to read about in part 3 directed at pros?

Is it just me or is my article above the 6th search result if you duckduckgo for "Fediverse"? 😮

@PaulaToThePeople Das ist ein toller Einstiegstext! Gerade in Kombination mit den weiterführenden Links zu Vertiefung echt gut :)

@PaulaToThePeople Nach dem ersten Lesen: Toll gemacht, Paula! Ich hätte den als Anfänger gerne gehabt. 🙂

@PaulaToThePeople Hey Paula nice idea, the only problem I see is gnu-social has not been updated in the last 3 years, looks like its dead project

@PaulaToThePeople hey I'd love to read your article! But the website requires a login to read and I can't create an account without an invite 😅

@PaulaToThePeople Weirdly, I can access Part 1 (link in the original toot) but not Part 2. 🤔


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