All of todays logos.

You can find them all on my account: @paulakreuzer

What's next?
I definitely plan on doing the mascot and some of these:
:XR: :EG: :fff: :s4f: ...
But I'll also do requests, so what would you like to see next?

I just went through all the Fediverse accounts I follow and came up with a list of 46 logos I want to do.
Still feel free to make requests - I'll do them first.

@fotopiacc Because you just liked my post: FYI you're already on my list. :)

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer

I love them 😊 Can i use them for my main Website ?? 😃

You are amazing!

@PaulaToThePeople For real? Wow, that's awesome, thank you. We didn't consider it necessary to ask, but are even more pleased with this surprise.

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer
I feel nostalgic about Google Picasa logo in the lower center.

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer Hi got a question here.
are these manual embroidery or are you using machines? the peer tube logo looks amazing

@pulgovsky @paulakreuzer no machines. I didn't even properly learn how to do embroidery. I just taught myself a few days ago.
Tanks :)

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer your fabric is a litte bit tight, you could tell because of the spaces inside the stitches so while you insert the needle it feels too much tense in the moment you are doing the stitches and when you finish after release the fabric the space appears.
I think you are using wood hoop right?
Feel free to shut me up If im saying shit.

@pulgovsky Not sure exactly what I use. On the label it just says cotton and I'm no expert.
I think once I get better there will be less spaces, but maybe different material helps too.

@PaulaToThePeople oh thats why, cotton does that.
but its part of the learning processs keep it up!

They're saying that they don't understand the icons that you posted after "and possibly some of these..." It's possible that the icons may not be showing up properly for them. I've noticed that sometimes custom emojis only seem to work on some instances.

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer cool! Do you sell them too?
Btw not strictly fedi related but xmpp logo?

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer Those are amazing. You could add some more fediverse projects, including writefreely, pleroma, misskey, plume, lemmy, etc. Plume and lemmy have especially cool logos.

@paulakreuzer Good work, a big thank you by the community. With all the #freesoftware , there is a lot of logos to create...
cc @PaulaToThePeople

Wow, that's impressive! 😀
You could do Diaspora* too, although it doesn't federate with Mastodon.

@PaulaToThePeople @paulakreuzer A BookWyrm embroidery would be interesting. Its a rather new service to the Fediverse scene

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