is a hoax invented by the big lobby, to further oppress the poor companies and the marginalized car industry.

Wake up people!

The carbon footprint is a sham invented by the bigoil companies, to blame people instead of the true culprits and let them further wrack our planet. What statement is true? 

This shocked me most about the #CarbonFootprintSham!

"A few years after BP began promoting the “carbon footprint,” MIT researchers calculated the carbon emissions for “a homeless person who ate in soup kitchens and slept in homeless shelters" in the U.S. That destitute individual will still indirectly emit some 8.5 tons of carbon dioxide each year."


#SystemChange instead of #ClimateChange!

#greenwashing #bp

@blueplanetslittlehelper @PaulaToThePeople

Yes, that was the reason why, every time the topic "efforts to reduce a person carbon footprint" comes up, I simply have to add that actions to force #SystemChange are much more important. Since even the mentioned 8.5 tons are above the threshold that would be sustainable, even no more flying and going vegan would not cut it. @PaulaToThePeople

> The U.S has some 111,000 gas stations. What if there were 100,000 electric filling stations?

This one is a little off, because it kindah promotes the idea that an electric car needs to be charged like a oil car needs to be filled.

On the contrary, electric infrastructure is even more ubiquitous than oil. Even though it usually is lower power than literally pouring oil, it is adequate to charge a car overnight and could be at literally every parking spot.

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