I'm thinking about taking a course to become a social media content manager.

Should I take a job where I have to work with and too, if in turn I can bring a company or organization to the ?

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depends on the organization or company.

if its green capitalism company (which most of them are) then i'd say no, becauase of the company.

if it is a organization or company which has a sound political background (like anticapitalism, anarchical structures) like or other collective owned companies then i'd say yes.

@fruechtchen Yeah, that's a totally different question. With a simple answer: I wouldn't work for an evil company.

facebook, twitter, etc. 


hm, i think it is not always that easy to answer. for instance some companies are not that much evil but still the bosses have much more money compared to other people.

(gls bank for instance). to be honest: i think i'd still work for them, but i am not sure if i can trust them (because they are still green capitalist).

but one advantage the big social media networks have when you work with them: you understand the errors/improvement areas of the fediverse much more deeply.

And yes, even facebook will still be alive a few years and all three are by no means progressive - but i think is a interesting challenge to work inside a hostile environment (instagram for instance) which limits what you can say - because you have to think about how to trick them. so its an interesting challenge to learn more about subversive communication :D

facebook, twitter, etc. 


ah and altough i kind of understand your desire to fight for privacy, please don't forget the context of the society. the fediverse is still utterly bad at dealing with problematic content and has no strong antifascist organization/network who can change mastodon on a global scale in response to threats.

so for instance, i expect the fediverse to contain much more querdenker/right wings in the next few years.

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