Alright I'm ready to officially introduce:

Fediverse town is a for any discussion related to the .
Go check it out and me one of the first people to start a discussion there.


Nice! I will probably sign up (though I really need Discourse to be federated and with single sign-on support, as this is my Nth account).

PS. Would be great to make a mention of #SocialHub in the awesome fediverse topic:

Besides that there's a number of watchlists that are input to @fediverseparty namely:

They offer the most complete overview of federated apps in various stages of development.


There are also two active #Lemmy communities to mention:

- Fediverse Futures (a brainstorming area non-technical companion to #SocialHub, which I maintain):

- Fediverse (any fedi-related subject):


@PaulaToThePeople Looking good! I'm not sure I have much valuable input to give, but I'll join in a bit, say hi in the intro topic, and see if/how this grows.
In the topic with Fediverse resources, "official website" seems to be frequently spelled as "official webiste". I'm guessing you were using a template for it all and didn't notice it had a mistake. :ms_smile:

@PaulaToThePeople I'm just saying that there are many people on fedi, many of whom dislike each other, and dumping all of that into a forum seems like it'd end badly.

@PaulaToThePeople that looks like a nice forum; is it existing forum-software, or something you created yourself?

Btw, it looks like you copy/pasted a misspelled 'website' as 'webiste' on ;)

@FiXato Yeah thanks, that's already fixed as someone already hinted to my mistake.

The software is Discourse. I have no idea how to create software.

@PaulaToThePeople what did you use to build it? I mean architecture, software used etc. I have an idea that could use the same structure and I'm looking for hints

@damko I have a hetzner cloud and installed on it and with YunoHost I installed discourse.

@PaulaToThePeople what is your motivation for creating a new discourse as opposed to using one of the already existing community forums available? Not that there shouldn’t be many avenues but I’d be curious the reasons *you* specifically created a new space?

@liaizon Tbh when I created it I didn't know the existing ones and thought it would be the first Fediverse forum.
Now looking at the others I don't quite know why but I think there is still place for my forum, because I'm not sure I'd join one of the others.

@guiltyparties Well show me the link you want "submitted" so I get a better picture of what you're talking about.

I'd our Hive fediverse portal submitted under the 'awesome pleroma links' instances category.

@guiltyparties Well individual instances don't really have place on that list. You could try to get it submitted to or finnd/create a more comprehensive list with your instance on it and I'll ad that list to the list.

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