Alright I'm ready to officially introduce:

Fediverse town is a for any discussion related to the .
Go check it out and me one of the first people to start a discussion there.


Nice! I will probably sign up (though I really need Discourse to be federated and with single sign-on support, as this is my Nth account).

PS. Would be great to make a mention of #SocialHub in the awesome fediverse topic:

Besides that there's a number of watchlists that are input to @fediverseparty namely:

They offer the most complete overview of federated apps in various stages of development.


@humanetech @fediverseparty Thanks I've been searching for that watchlist, but didn't find it.

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There are also two active #Lemmy communities to mention:

- Fediverse Futures (a brainstorming area non-technical companion to #SocialHub, which I maintain):

- Fediverse (any fedi-related subject):


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