I'm currently writing a on how to set up your own instance using a cloud, getting a domain from and using .

This guide will be directed at total beginners, with no prior knowledge necessary.

I really like writing guides. 🙂

@PaulaToThePeople BTW: mailbox.org and posteo.de usually come highly recommended with regard to security.

If you're somewhat fluent in German, kuketz-blog.de might be a good source of information.

@PaulaToThePeople thank you so much for these great articles! I'm introducing the Fediverse to coworkers and these are *so* helpful

@PaulaToThePeople Just wanted to say how much I've learned from reading your articles. There's a lot of interesting services / initiatives I had no idea about.


Happy to help share once complete, and thank you for writing.

Fediverse >> activitypub >> mastodon ...

Please consider.
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