mh- morbid, help needed 

Okay so let's face it. There is a chance I'll commit soon.
Would anybody be willing to take over the web services I'm running then?
Especially and I'd really like to know they are in good hands when I'm gone.

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mh- morbid, help needed 

...sounds as if its "acute" now.

If yesterday You weren't suicidal, now I get the impression You ARE an urgent case!

So propably NOW is the time for going to the hospital.
In case of an emergency they should have You there and do their part to help You. Unlike us fellows here THEY are medicines and should be able to help.

mh- morbid, help needed 

@PaulaToThePeople hol dir Hilfe! Du bist es wert!

mh- morbid, help needed 


😟 Please seek professional help quickly !!!
I applaud you not to waste what could be 🥺

mh- morbid, help needed 

@PaulaToThePeople I was not going to say anything and this might be too late, but I have to say this. We don't know each other, but to me you are more important than or If you go it doesn't matter what happens to those web services.

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