is almost ready for it's official launch in 8 days.

Right now I'm gathering feedback from people who are not deep into the Fediverse yet.
What you can do to help:
* this post.
* show the wiki to your non-fedizen friends and forward me their feedback.
* of course you can give me feedback yourself even if you're a Fediverse veteran.
* help edit the wiki. For now I wrote almost everything myself.

Happy holidays everybody. 🎉

Hi Paula, in your wiki you emphasize on the fediverse-benefit of following accounts on different platforms with one account of my own.

I'd love to have a glimpse into pixelfed without signing up for that service. Is there a good way to do so with my mastodon profile? I expected something like single sign on.

Would love to participate in an article about that 😊

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Das #JoinFediverseWiki ist fast bereit für seinen offiziellen Start in 8 Tagen. Im Moment sammle ich Feedback von Leuten, die noch nicht so tief im Fediverse drin sind. Was du tun kannst, um zu helfen: * #boost diesen Beitrag. * zeige das Wiki deinen Nicht-Fedizen-Freunden und schicke mir ihr Feedback.

@PaulaToThePeople Is there a good place to highlight content management systems that support AP, either natively or with third-party plugin support? I feel the key to getting more adoption of the fedi is in getting mainstream content (media/institutions/gov et cetera) in the ecosystem.

@PaulaToThePeople Nice, I’ll have a look later, for now all I can say is that the default wiki theme is not mobile friendly.

@PaulaToThePeople it has to be mobile first!
I can imagine, some people are brave enough to read about the fedi are scared, if a website isnt responsive

@PaulaToThePeople I’m doing a small workshop in a few months about how to get involved with contributing to Fediverse projects - excited to have the new as a resource for folks!

@PaulaToThePeople Playing devils advocate a bit: is e-mail part of the fediverse? I'm interested in your point of view as I tend to believe that "fediverse" is an attempt to make ActivityPub sound more fancy.

@PaulaToThePeople Would be nice to see some representation for Misskey and the Fediverse-Friendly Moderation Covenant :flan_thumbs:

The latter would be especially nice considering that one of the goals seems to be educating people about the fediverse without bias; not every instance shares moderation tactics and some staunchly disagree with fediblock.

@PaulaToThePeople I just updated the mobile apps page. Would it be a good idea to add app icons for each of them?

@PaulaToThePeople just made my first edit :) minor typos. I would love to contribute more!

@PaulaToThePeople Hubzilla provides activitypub as an addon. Does that qualify for inclusion in the wiki?
@PaulaToThePeople I thought there was >1 audio-hosting fediverse project? Or did I imagine that? Also, no mention of Hubzilla?
For some reason, if you search for "fediverse wiki" on ddg (as I just did to try to remember the URL), your is listed as a subsection of the AFAIK entirely separate "", which is seemingly just a site full of spam and off-colour jokes and basically feels like a clone of encyclopedia dramatica... This seems a problem.
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