What is ?
What is ?
What is ?‏‎
What is ?
What is ?‏‎

These and many more pages are still missing in the .
Who would like to write one of those pages or give some input?

Some suggested sections:

What does X feel like?
What are some advantages over [the platform which X can serve as a replacement for]?
What are some limitations?

@PaulaToThePeople or a guide to making friends and networking here. It seems obvious, but months in and I'm still just learning. I think a lot of people leave because they don't know how to successfully make friends here.

@Simplicity_teal That's a great idea!

I guess I'm not the right person to write such a guide, with my social phobia and all...

@Simplicity_teal Before I started my social media experience on the Fediverse I never thought that social phobia could also manifest in the digital space (though to be honest I learned that I have social phobia in the Fediverse, from a post by someone else who has it), but I find it really hard to engage in smalltalk here.

@PaulaToThePeople It's easier for me to be extrovert online if people accept me, but I'm really more the type to talk about personal things or my real issues, I've found social media isn't the best environment for that.


A quick question re: fediverse. So far I've really only used . If I wanted to start using other services, do I need to create unique accounts on each service, or can I continue with my mastodon identity?

@srgray You can follow and interact with accounts on other platforms with your Mastodon account.
If you however want to upload videos to Peertube or have your own Pixelfed profile, you need new accounts on those services.

@PaulaToThePeople I see. So basically being on the fediverse aids with viewership, but if you're the content creator, you'll need a variety of accounts to match, which may involve searching for the right instances on each service.

Do I have that right?

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