is now ready for its official launch.

🚀 🚀

Please share this page far and wide.
It's mainly thought to be a first contact point for Fediverse newbies.

Since my last post 8 days ago this changed:
:fedi: mobile version now available
:fedi: some new editors joined and edits were made
:fedi: many spam editors joined and were banned
:fedi: lots of good feedback was given. Thanks!

What hasn't happened yet:
🔜 Support for pages in Languages other that English (technically difficult)
🔜 Many pages are still missing.



Wonderful! Just added to the list of websites to be added to

If you would like to, please consider opening a pull request yourself. Source code on

@PaulaToThePeople very nice work and thanks. It will help with newcomers. I would like to suggest to add NewPipe to apps for Android for PeerTube.

@PaulaToThePeople Great! I tried making some edits to the front page (grammar, language style), but it's restricted. Where should I send my suggested edits for review?


Just sharing on my blog now (will fedrate back here) it is really good feature having embed.

@PaulaToThePeople I do think you forget Glitch-soc on the Mastodon list :blobcatgiggle:

It has many more options than Ecko :mastodon:​ and is updated by one of the main Masto devs

@PaulaToThePeople That's a heavily missed project, thanks for your effort! I'd like to see it translated to german. Please give me a hint, if help is needed for that.

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