Did you know there are centralized alternatives to the ?

They are great!
Instead of being developed by volunteers for the community they are developed for millionaires with the sole purpose of getting them more money and influence over the "users".

They contain ads and algorithms, so you don't have to decide, what you want to see, but you get to see what makes you addicted, so you view more ads, buy more stuff and thereby support the capitalist system that we all love.

Instead of anonymity you get to enter your phone number and other form of identification, which totally helps against hate speech, right?

I could go on with advantages, but I think it's best you check them out for yourselves.

@PaulaToThePeople Do they threat me like they own my personal life and affectionate communications, and that I should just grow up and shut up about it?

Do they lock me in in their various aps, so I can always feel their warm presence?

Do they have intelligent tracking everywhere in the webs, with out-sourced Like buttons, so they always have top-notch data on me?

Do they intentionally spread missinformation on virus and vaccines to support the great god Market?

Do they participate in genocides that certain central agency of intelligence orders them to?

Exciting possibilities!

the getting addicted part gets handled best by my own brain....
aka follow enough accounts that seem interesting and your timeline gets flooded with more cool stuff than you could ever read. 🤯

@PaulaToThePeople Even better, those nifty algorithms are even starting to show signs that they can cause synaptic pruning in developing brains. Wherever would we be without our glorious corporate overlords!

"everything, all in one place" - the meme we are taught to believe is good.

I'd take into account using such a network if it will suggest whom to follow, but I bet it doesn't, does it? ;-)

@PaulaToThePeople That sounds awesome ! Can I register to one of those services and painfully convince my friends and family to also register and give away their data so that they can interact with me ?

Wow that sounds fantastic. The only cost are your personal data and your data sovereignty, I have to subscribe there.


> I could go on with advantages, but I think it's best you check them out for yourselves.

You forgot the unique selling point of destroying the fabric of society as happy side-effect and working against democracy by the ease with which things can be manipulated.

It is a wonderful place where any oligarch and would-be autocrat will feel right at home.

@humanetech @PaulaToThePeople

The "Choosing between getting with them" vs. "Watching your so-called friends forget you ever existed." My favorite part of this glorious revolution. [salutes]

@PaulaToThePeople wait really? i can just follow thousands of people and i wont get their tweets? ;o they can get money sharing my data? :O, do they have tomatoes there?

Is the above CC in any way? If so we might use it on the (#)fediFlyer we produce.

Our next FediFlyer will likely be Pleroma/Epicyon-focused.

Mastodon appears to be adopting darkPatterns and #numberGoUp-style #antiFeatures.

Falls ihr euch immer noch fragt, wieso wir uns hier soviel Mühe geben, Zeit und Geld investieren, wo es doch so tolle kostenlose Alternativen gibt, wo man sowieso viel mehr Reichweite hat. #Fediverse #Graz


Well said.
I shared this onto one of the centralized cesspools.

Between sharing posts like this and offering the join mastodon link to people angered by the toxicity there, I've brought a couple people over so far. My results are only small so far, but the more people we bring in, the more who will want to come.

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