Okay, I made some changes according to suggestions.

Of the differences between this and the above version, please let me know what you prefer.

@PaulaToThePeople @humanetech @JoinFediverseWiki @dsfgs@activism.openworlds.info @davidrevoy
love it. may i share it on centralized social media?

@redcat @PaulaToThePeople @JoinFediverseWiki @davidrevoy

Yep, loving it too. The only change I would make is shorten the sentence, break it in two at "So you view more ads .."

The green and yellow/orange node of the logo don't work so well with backgroundcolor. Maybe try something more like resembling the book the owl is holding - a bit more purple or something, that at least the yellow/orange node doesn't lose its sharpness so much.


Wow, yes, much better for the Logo. But maybe now some might encounter it more difficult to read the small text on the second page (black on darkish background). But I am far from an expert on these things, just noticed I got trouble looking at the logo in the first version.

@PaulaToThePeople @MurmeltHier
I am far from being an expert , but I prefer the first one, as I find the text much easier to read on a plain light BG.

Maybe some lighter purple? Or maybe a gradient behind the logo the becomes plain behind the text?


Its good!

Front: use a white background, we are not fans of the #pentagramStar icon and developed an icon that we think will be less scary to ppl. See (#)fediverseIcon or specifically, (#)interconstellar design.

Back: make heading bold.

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be minor/inconsequential.

@humanetech @JoinFediverseWiki @davidrevoy

@PaulaToThePeople the dark purple one is bad accessibility-wise. either the white or the blue one if it was a little lighter.

@koyuchan @PaulaToThePeople the dark one is fine for people with migraine but probably hard to see, but i would already vote for a dark one to choose from. maybe even a little darker, for the contrast?

@anthra @PaulaToThePeople or make it complete dark mode....like the mastodon dark blue paired with a light gray font

color: #d9e1e8
background: #303643

i like the greyish one because it is still mostly neutral to the colors of the fedi logo and has decent contrast for the text, but does not blind you as much as the white one.

the grey-purpleish one looks a bit muddy to me and is probbably less easy to read for people with not so good sight.

I prefer the white background, it gives the most contrast

@PaulaToThePeople The purplish grey one mutes the logo colours too much. I find it hard to choose between the other two.

@PaulaToThePeople I prefer the first one because the contrast ration between text color and backgroud is best.

@PaulaToThePeople The light grey text in the first image is really hard to read on a white bg.

Love the text! Probably like the first image best, but they are all good.

@PaulaToThePeople I mean… this isn't going to convince anyone that isn't already on the Fedi-train. It's way too passive-aggressive.

@humanetech @JoinFediverseWiki @dsfgs@activism.openworlds.info @davidrevoy

I don't know the scope of the text -
but I would like to add my two cents.

It seems to aim at making people afraid of twitter/insta etc. But it gives no incentives why joining the fediverse would be a good thing. This would be a nice message to read too.

Also, irony often does not work in the internet as it needs some context a flyer can not provide.

Hope I didn't overstep - I really appreciate you doing this!


back: Looks nice! some minor suggestions: make the heading bold, give a bit more space above Kiwi (move all of the text a bit up?), use a different (more common word) than "centralized" depending on the audience. Maybe "corporate", "dominating" or "profitable". Below the call to action "Join the Fediverse!" add the link again.


Front: hmm, the handwriting-ish heading font and the bright colors gives me a slight kindergarden vibe. Maybe try Candal, Kaph or Andika fonts instead for the heading. Also I must agree that the logo is not very appealing to me. I would make the heading bigger and logo smaller. And, I think it could use just a tiny more info on the frontpage. A short testimonial, or highlight from the text on the back.

But, but, but: Its good to go as is! print a bunch and adjust next batch.

@PaulaToThePeople @humanetech @JoinFediverseWiki @dsfgs @davidrevoy
To me it looks like this would be what a proudly autistic satanist would use to summon demons.

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