Let's get Greta Thunberg to join the .

Here is what you can do:
* boost this post
* post your own post with the hashtag, here and on other social media platforms
* ask Greta to join or
* retweet this post on the birdsite:
* Let's make JoinTheFediverseGreta trend.

@PaulaToThePeople say she agrees (and I hope that she does), what do you think will come out of it ?

@PaulaToThePeople and then ? what shall she do here that she can't do in twitter ?

@aRubes @PaulaToThePeople

Why should use anyone the birdsite? I mean , there is a kind of "philanthropic" whatever spending billions for nothing. Isn't it?

@tuxom @PaulaToThePeople no one should use it. I haven't, since I got here. Most people, unfortunately, still do. My question was what would she achieve by posting here. If I was her I'm not sure I would have bothered. Paula had a good answer. Check it out


So you're sending me back into the Matrix? Fine. One last time. Oh, and I'll need guns. Lots of guns — and Carrie-Anne Moss please. Pretty please?


@PaulaToThePeople no we don't need celebrities on fedi. Ever. Even a well meaning one like her.

@ailurocrat @PaulaToThePeople interesting points both.

My two cents: does she *want* to be a celebrity? Not sure if anything's changed but from what I know she'd rather the attention be on the *problem* rather than on herself?

In which case, the ideal situation may be that she's convinced of the goodness of the #fediverse as a whole and starts her own instance to get her community onto the fedi and erode the power of large corpos 🤔

Not fediverse joining Greta but Greta joining the fediverse!

@ailurocrat @PaulaToThePeople
"We don't need celebrities on fedi" doesn't work on a social network. Why?
First of all, celebrities are a part of social media. Is @Gargron example enough for you?
Also, isn't the fediverse made so that something like you suggested is impossible? "Locking out" the celebrities? Because even if you say you want that your own private server, which is fine, there are other servers, which allow celebrities, so that groups or single persons can't be locked out.

@mrrulf @PaulaToThePeople @Gargron there's already a bot that retoots her birdsite tweets. So she already has a presence on fedi, sort of.

we'd like some money contribution to Fediverse by "greta" but as we say here
"campa cavallo che l'erba cresce"

@PaulaToThePeople I'd be glad, to see her here, but I think, she's old enough to make her own decisions. 🙃

@PaulaToThePeople I don't expext Greta to give up her Birdsite account and I can understand that. As an activist she uses social media not for fun mainly to talk to poeple poeple about climate change and her work. So it makes sense for her to focus on the platforms that offer most outreach regardless of her position on their policies. It's just a necessary tool for her work and I don't see how Mastodon could substitute that.

@PaulaToThePeople I don't think she's a valuable asset for this social media or any other for that matter.

@PaulaToThePeople No instance would stand the huge spike in signups, making for a very poor #ux, and eventually driving everyone away for good. Those users will not go back. And after that, who will pay the surplus in hosting costs?

In its current status, the fediverse *can only afford* organic growth.


Why are so many comments here so elitist ("We don't need more people/celebrities here") ?

Bullshit ! Social media has become THE medium, where people get their political opionions and if billionaires like Elon can just buy that plattform and have the possibility of controlling the narrative, that is terrible for democracy.
We were here first, but that doesn't mean we are the only ones that deserve privacy and democracy respecting social media.



We got @janboehm , so let's see who we can bring to the Fediverse next.

Greta is a great candidate, because she probably gets massive amounts of hate on Twitter due to their algorithm constantly confronting people with opposite opinions to generate outrage at the cost of a society where we can agree on the most basic of facts (like climate change).

#toottoot #PeaceAndJustice #JoinTheFediverseGreta


You're right about Twitter.
Fighting haters is not pleasant.

@PaulaToThePeople This promotion on Twitter will also keep the climate deniers, & ageists off of Mastodon, which can only be a good thing in keeping this place less toxic.

Don't forget to mention to her that the fediverse is neurodivergent friendly!

Mit #deepl


Lasst uns Greta Thunberg
dazu bringen, dem #Fediverse beizutreten.

Hier ist, was Sie tun können:

* diesen Beitrag liken

* posten Sie Ihren eigenen Beitrag mit dem #Hashtag, hier und auf anderen Social-Media-Plattformen

* bitten Sie #Greta, sich oder anzuschließen.

* retweeten Sie diesen Beitrag auf der Birdsite:

* Lasst uns JoinTheFediverseGreta zum Trend machen.

#teilen #Thunberg

@PaulaToThePeople what about letting her decide for herself? Building up this pressure is really creepy. She is not your property

@PaulaToThePeople Climate protests benefit from free and democratic social media.

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