I hope Greta will, if she joins, end up on a well moderated instance, which blocks at least the worst trolls.
Having her join and leaving shortly after, because of the harassment would be most unfortunate.


Although not specifically #ClimateJustice oriented, I feel those of us over at :solarpunkflag: sunbeam.city could safely be included in this list.

@PaulaToThePeople this is a great list, thank you. I must check, is it fair to publicly-and-with-hashtag badger Thunberg to do anything? She has done much more than maybe any of us had at that age (/in our lives) - but that doesn't imo make her public property, like a brand or politician. Maybe when she's not spearheading school strike she just needs to be a teenager, and not manage another social profile and the 1000s of interactions it could generate. I know you mean good, but wanted to check.


People might like to join science for sustainability @sfs on my instance also.
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