@PaulaToThePeople maybe that's why some people call it Fedi 😆


stimmt, vielleicht sollte wir es deshalb ab jetzt immer so schreiben


This is great.
The slogan is clever, and the graphic looks wonderful.

I do have a question, though.
Pardon my ignorance, please. I understand the rainbow stripes, but what do the triangular stripes signify? Is it part of the LGBTQ+ community, or male, female, and whatever skin color a person happens to have?

@Jeramee It's the so called progress pride flag.
The white, light pink and light blue stand for trans* people and the brown and black for BIPOC.


I thought it might have been for trans & BIPOC people but wasn't sure. Thank you for confirming and teaching me something new today!

@Jeramee @PaulaToThePeople black and brown stand for PoC in the community, the pink blue and white ones are the trans flag

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