It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without an update to my guide!
🥳 It's now on the ! 🎉

In 2019 I wrote this guide on how to stay away from and other evil tech giants. For more than one year now I didn't update it. Now I moved it to the wiki and will maintain it again.

Feel free to give me any kind of feedback. What is missing? What is wrong? Where is a typo? ...

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@PaulaToThePeople What a nice list! My initial thought was regarding the search-engine section:

Because of the relatively recent controversy where DuckDuckGo admit to allowing Microsoft trackers to slip through their cracks, I'd advise to remove them.

I also advise to add to the list of search engines. It's free up to a number of searches per month, but 10 USD/month removes the limit.

@PaulaToThePeople Would recommend to add, in the Android section, CalyxOS and GrapheneOS. Both are more secure/privacy friendly I think than Lineage and /e/. Would recommend Magic Earth for localisation as well, although not open source (yet). And maybe z-library for e-books and Cryptpad for 'Office'? Good list otherwise!

@anacrypto @PaulaToThePeople I wouldn't recommend Magic Earth. Reading their EULA is scary. osmAnd~ (on F-Droid) is way better when it comes to privacy... plus the performance is better, too. The data used for the maps is the same in both apps: OSM.

"Ecosia aus Berlin verspricht, vom Gewinn Bäume zu pflanzen. Das ist schön, aber wie halten sie es mit dem Datenschutz? Laut der Infoseite zum Thema Datenschutz werden gespeicherte IP-Adressen durch Kürzung teilweise anonymisiert und keine Analysedaten gesammelt, wenn der Browser eine „Do-Not-Track"-Anforderung“ sendet. Allerdings nutzt Ecosia die Suchergebnisse von Bing, und das auf so ungeschickte Weise, dass sich die Webbrowser der Ecosia-Nutzenden direkt mit Bing verbinden. So fließen nicht nur die Suchanfrage, sondern auch personenbezogene Daten wie die eigene IP-Adresse und die genaue Browser-Version zu Microsoft ab. Zur Analyse der Suchanfragen nutzt Ecosia zwar keine externen Drittanbieter, allerdings wird für weitere Komponenten und Dienstleistungen auf zahlreiche Drittanbieter zurückgegriffen, die eigenen Datenschutzbestimmungen unterliegen. Wir finden das nicht vertrauenswürdig.

Tipp: Wenn Ihnen Umweltschutz beim Suchen im Internet wichtig ist, dann kommen auch andere Suchmaschinen für Sie in Frage, die mit Ökostrom betrieben werden – zum Beispiel bei MetaGer und Qwant.

@PaulaToThePeople Some additions that come to mind:

Mobile OS: DivesetOS, CalyxOS; GrapheneOS

Browsing: LibreWolf (PC), Mull (Mobile)

Browser AddOns: No-Script

This is a great list, thank you!

The link to doesn't load for me, so maybe there's a better one in the instance list here:


For instant massaging I would add wire, its completely floss and you need only an email for creating an account, no phone number and it has clients for android ( f-droid + goggle ) and linux

The osm client organic maps also an very good Android app.

And there is , which is a project to provide a set of android apps such as a contacts app or a very good calendar , all floss and on f-droid and google play store

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