asking for money 

Remember when I said I spend 100€ on the Fediverse every month? Well it's more now and will increase even more.
I spend 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 9️⃣ € / month ‼️

:fedi: What do I spend the money on?

🏘️ (might soon turn into a instance)

📈 Why the increase in cost?

👉 more instances
👉 spread on more servers
👉 Hetzner prices went up (and will continue to go up on Jan. 1st)

💰 Where can you donate?

You can find all the info on my homepage:

🏧 What else can you do to support me?

👉You can buy T-Shirts I designed (also linked on my homepage)
👉You can get Fediverse flyers and stickers from me and pay what you like for them. (Currently I only have them in German)

🆘 Why do I need the money (CW: mh-)?

I have lots of mental health issues and am not able to work because of that, but the state has not yet determined that I can't work, so I'm not receiving any money at all.
I live in a house, which my mother owns, so I don't have to pay any rent, but I have to pay for gas, electricity, water and so on, which is a lot for a house.
I plan to let other people live in the house with me, so I get a little income, but the house is not yet ready for that.
It would be really nice if I didn't have to worry about my Fediverse spending.

❤️ Thanks

Thanks to everybody who already donated, will donate or is even thinking of donating as well as everybody who boosts this post. You're all the best!

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