is again seeing a big influx of new people probably fleeing from after "threatens" to by Twitter again.

Join us here if you fight for .

Thesis: If done right could save the .

If it were more profitable to invest in... energy instead of fossiles,
...public transport instead of cars,
...forests instead of roads,
...vegetables instead of meat

and so on. Then it could work.

Even if done right capitalism can NEVER bring !

Capitalism always means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even if fossil companies would switch to be renewable energy companies, that wouldn't mean they start paying fair wages or stop exploiting other countries.

Let's !

Are there any other Fedizens at the climate social camp in Torino and want to meet up?
I already met one Mastodonian here.

just another "what you can do to survive the heat" toot 

1. go back in time
2. become a climate justice activist

📰 Presenting: DUH! Climate Justice News 🗞️

Subscribe for news like:

* Electric cars don't reduce traffic - DUH!
* SUVs cause more deaths than smaller cars - DUH!
* Reducing public transportation prices causes less traffic jams - DUH!
* The global south is more affected by the climate crisis than Europe - DUH!
* Clean gas is a dirty lie - DUH! 

Damn, why do SEPA transactions take so long?
I should have chosen real-time-transaction and pay a bit more to get the domain faster.

Now I can probably wait until tomorrow to introduce the new instance.

To everybody who is new to this instance or otherwise intherested in .
Here is a list of Accounts that might interest you:

I write mostly about , the and (my) .

Should I continue to write about all of that from one (this) account, or should I have one account per topic?

Or should I have one English and one German account?

A few days ago I set up a forum for discussions.
I don't know if such a forum is desired. If not, I'll remove it again, no harm done.

But if anyone is interested please join. It's completely empty right now, so I'm especially looking for some people to start some discussions.
If and when the is not so empty anymore it will be ready to be presented to a bigger audience (so outside the Fediverse too).

So who's in?

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