has passed, but I still have some :

Fediverse veterans:

🌍 @tuxom (EN/DE)
topics: , ...

🙂 @heyokyay (EN) @islieb (DE)
cute comics about life

:ecko: @weex (EN)

💤 @InvaderXan (EN)
unfortunately no longer active, but worth reading their old toots.

:joinfediversewiki: @davidrevoy (EN)
Artist, among others designer of many Fediverse mascots

:pirat: @ueckueck (DE)
Themen: Fediverse , ...

:EG: @ende_gelaende (DE)
Themen: , ...

:vegan: @stefanierueckert (DE)
Themen: ,

🤗 @schmetterlingstraum (DE)

Fediverse newbies:

📚 @IsabelleV (DE)
Themen: |er , ...

🐱 @stillnotlovin (DE)
Themen: Politik, , ...


Ecko is *the* Mastodon fork everybody should use.

Why Ecko you ask?

You can change the max post length, poll options, poll option length, "about me" length, profile fields and more.
There are local posts and you can import/export the instance blocklist.
Oh and you can easily install Ecko via .

Many more features Mastodon doesn't have will surely come.

Want to know more?

I wrote a guide:


Und hier ist die Anleitung auf Deutsch: