What do do against kids who strike school on fridays?
Make fridays holidays!

What to do against Greta and her disciples, who take to the streets?
Abolish all streets!

What to do against who block fossil infrastructure?
Remove all fossil infrastructure.

What to do against weather extremes, that mobilize against your politics?
Save the climate! 🤔

Who gets your holiday money? 🎄 🎉 💰

Have you donated to organizations this year or will you do it now? Tell me in the replies who your money goes to.

Here is who I donated to / recommend donating to:

🇫🇷 @Framasoft
is a great organization that developed :tube: and :mobi: .
They also host a lot of services like .

🐍 @snopyta
Another great orga that hosts services that help you stay away from . They e.g. bring to you and .

💛 @senfcall
is a publicly hosted instance and by far the best alternative to and co that I know of.

Last but not least there is your local :fff: , :XR: or :EG: group that fights to save the world for you and your offspring.

2020 was a tough year for many of us, people, organizations and small companies alike. If you have some money left over there are a lot of better places to put it than to buy something on that you don't really need.

bezeichnet Umweltorganisationen als Krebs.


Vielleicht hat er ja recht?
Wir wachsen, wir bilden neue Gruppen (Metastasen), teilweise blockieren oder zerstören wir fossile Strukturen und am Ende töten wir vielleicht sogar das kapitalistische System.


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