Which designs do you prefer for stickers?

1. "Fediverse" on progress pride flag
2. "Fediverse" on progress pride flag + Fediverse logo
3. Join the Fediverse: Fediverse logo on white background
4. Join the Fediverse +: with Kiwi, the owl and little text

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Elon is like Corona and we just overcame the first wave.
Brace yourself !

Let's get Greta Thunberg to join the .

Here is what you can do:
* boost this post
* post your own post with the hashtag, here and on other social media platforms
* ask Greta to join climatejustice.social or forfuture.social
* retweet this post on the birdsite: twitter.com/JoinFediverse/stat
* Let's make JoinTheFediverseGreta trend.

Quiz for everybody who is new:

When was the created?

Ask me anything about the . Go!

Frag mich was du über das Fediverse wissen möchtest. Los!

has passed, but I still have some :

Fediverse veterans:

🌍 @tuxom (EN/DE)
topics: , ...

🙂 @heyokyay (EN) @islieb (DE)
cute comics about life

:ecko: @weex (EN)

💤 @InvaderXan (EN)
unfortunately no longer active, but worth reading their old toots.

:joinfediversewiki: @davidrevoy (EN)
Artist, among others designer of many Fediverse mascots

:pirat: @ueckueck (DE)
Themen: Fediverse , ...

:EG: @ende_gelaende (DE)
Themen: , ...

:vegan: @stefanierueckert (DE)
Themen: ,

🤗 @schmetterlingstraum (DE)

Fediverse newbies:

📚 @IsabelleV (DE)
Themen: |er , ...

🐱 @stillnotlovin (DE)
Themen: Politik, , ...

Did you know there are centralized alternatives to the ?

They are great!
Instead of being developed by volunteers for the community they are developed for millionaires with the sole purpose of getting them more money and influence over the "users".

They contain ads and algorithms, so you don't have to decide, what you want to see, but you get to see what makes you addicted, so you view more ads, buy more stuff and thereby support the capitalist system that we all love.

Instead of anonymity you get to enter your phone number and other form of identification, which totally helps against hate speech, right?

I could go on with advantages, but I think it's best you check them out for yourselves.

Geburtstag, Statistik 

Wie oft wurde mir heute zum Geburtstag gratuliert?

Familie: 7x (3x davon in Person)

Freund*innen: 1 von 2 (0 in Person)

Fediverse: 23!!!

Klarer Sieg fürs . 😍

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Heute war ich am , bei einer sehr spannenden Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema "Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung in der Krise".

Dabei waren:

@JugendrAT &

Danach hat @SheDrivesMobility ihr Buch vorgestellt.
Das war das erste mal, dass ich jemenschen aus dem live getroffen habe.

Das ganze auch noch bei schönem Wetter. Heute war ein guter Tag. :)

I write mostly about , the and (my) .

Should I continue to write about all of that from one (this) account, or should I have one account per topic?

Or should I have one English and one German account?

The comes along and grants you 3 related wishes.
What would you wish for?

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