Nr. 1

Am 3. September findet das erste in statt.

14-18:00 (oder kürzer)
vor dem @metalab Rathausstraße.

Da findet ab (14:00) 18:00 das Metalab Straßenfest statt. Mehr Info hier:

Wer hätte denn Zeit und Lust zu kommen?

Hier können Agendapunkte eingetragen werden:

Which of these have you heard of?


It's a shame that @gotosocial already use the 🦥 sloth as a mascot and logo.
Now I don't have any animal for my new project .

I'm thinking about changing the main page of the :joinfediversewiki: and here is what I came up with so far:

Do you think it's better/worse than the current start page? What would you change?

So the poll resulted in the next batch of being printed in .

If you speak please check out the translation and make sure it is correct:

Also please tell me if you want any flyers and stickers and if so how many. So I can estimate how many should be printed.

I'll also need one person who will take the flyers and stickers and distribute them all over Mexico.

Oh and does someone know a good place to print them in Mexico?

Es gibt noch ganz viele und .

Sie sind gratis bzw. gegen freiwillige Spende in jeder beliebigen Menge zu haben.
Bitte meldet euch zahlreich bei mir () und @Europakueken ().
Für die deutschsprachige wird noch jemensch besucht, die Flyer und Sticker weiter zu verteilen.

Are there any other Fedizens at the climate social camp in Torino and want to meet up?
I already met one Mastodonian here.

Can someone explain to me how I can install a , like you would explain it to your grandma?

There are some things in the that don't federate, but should, like:

* instance blocklists (co-moderated by a team of admins/mods from different instances)
* trends (so I don't have to accept every trending post on all of my instances manually)
* filters (subscribe to another accounts filter list)
* custom emojis (like trends)

what else can you think of?

Is there a need for a discussion forum about the for non-techy people?

mh+ challenge, day 11 

Today was a day for me.
I posted a lot - sorry if it was too much - and had a lot of fun doing so.

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asking for money 

I never thought I'd have to do this, but I'm asking the for money.

I currently have 0 income, but lots of expenses* and if people could donate about as much as I'm paying for Fediverse stuff (see post above) that would be one less thing to worry about.
Recurring donations would be best.

Also you can still buy many and (or get them for free). Currently available only in German.



* Until end of May I was payed a little to care for my grandmother and lived with her for free + free food. Now that she died I have no income (the state doesn't pay anything (yet)) and I have to pay for the house (electricity, gas, water, property fee, garbage collection, ...). My parents don't have enough money to support me.

In October I have an appointment with the public pension scheme to determine if I'm able to work at all (I am not) because of all my mental health issues. If they determine I can't work at all I'll get a disability pension, which will hopefully get me out of this predicament. Also I'm planning to rent some rooms in the house to form a living community. That will help with the house expenses.

❗️ I do have some savings, so if all goes well I won't starve until the situation is handled, so you might want to help out or a instead.

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Gibts hier Leute aus ?

Ich bin von 1.-3. Juli in Salzburg.
Hat dort jemensch Interesse an und ? Dann könnt ich welche mitnehmen.

Die und sind da!

"Da" heißt bei mir in Wien. Jetzt werd ich je eine Kiste an @Europakueken nach Köln schicken, von wo aus die bereits bestellten Sticker und innerhalb von Deutschland verschickt werden.

Wer in Österreich Interesse hat kann sich bei mir melden, die Deutschen ab jetzt bitte bei Europaküken.

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