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Now with all the stripes that define me.

From 9°Clock clockwise:

In the middle there is still the logo and the or fist.

What do do against kids who strike school on fridays?
Make fridays holidays!

What to do against Greta and her disciples, who take to the streets?
Abolish all streets!

What to do against who block fossil infrastructure?
Remove all fossil infrastructure.

What to do against weather extremes, that mobilize against your politics?
Save the climate! 🤔

Das Wetter macht nicht Wahlwerbung für die Grünen. Das Wetter mobilisiert für .

Save the Date: 24.9. Globaler !!!

For everybody listening to the : Sorry for not uploading the latest episodes for 2 weeks.
Now they are online at @FutureOnAir.

Yesterday I gave an interview about in the .

I was very nervous because of my social phobia and because it was my first interview, but it turned out to be a very nice and chill conversation.

We talked about how to actively include disadvantaged people in the movement. We agreed that & Co have to support , and other movements to in turn get their support. "The left" is divided, but that's just all the more reason to try to unite it.

Some people say we need to include "the right" in the climate justice movement, but we agreed that including people who discriminate is no option. Excluding people who discriminate is no discrimination or censorship, but necessary to make sure everybody else feels comfortable and safe to join and stay active.


Folge 1

‼️Disclaimer: This is not me. But I gave my "naming rights" for this. 😉

71% der Weltagrar-Fläche nur für Tierfutter - What?!

Folge 1 der Videokolumne "Paula to the People" von Paula Dorten, der 15-jährigen Klima-Aktivistin von . Für geht sie der Frage nach, wie es mit der weitergeht.

Hat der teilstaatliche Ölriese private Sicherheitsfirmen beauftragt, Klimaaktivist*innen und Umweltschützer*innen ins Visier zu nehmen? Österreichs Vizekanzler Werner Kogler nimmt den Verdacht ernst und fordert von OMV-Boss sofortige Aufklärung.


Ich hab gerade alle bisherigen Folgen von :funk: @FutureOnAir von hochgeladen.
Ich hoffe ich schaffe es die zukünftigen Folgen zeitnah zu veröffentlichen.

Folgt alle dem Kanal um viel über zu erfahren.

My favorite Greta Thunberg quote about planet Earth of all time. 

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you


from old account.

Was mich die bisher persönlich gekostet hat:
* nichts

Was sie mir bisher gebracht hat:
* mildere Winter
* wärmere Sommer
* mehr nützliches Wissen als Schule und Uni mir beigebracht haben
* viele großartige Bekanntschaften ( :fff: )
* einen Sinn im Leben

Wofür ich kämpfe:
* für weniger Hitze, obwohl ich Hitze liebe
* für mehr Schnee, obwohl ich Schnee nicht mag
* für das Meer, obwohl ich nicht gerne am Meer bin
* für die Zukunft aller Menschen, auch derer, die sich dagegen wehren
* für alle Lebewesen und die Natur, weil ich sie liebe 💚
* für , denn wir hier in Europa und Nordamerika haben die Katastrophe verursacht, leiden aber am wenigsten darunter!


from my old account

Aja ich hab noch gar nicht verkündet, dass ich durchgebracht hab, dass bei Wien in Zukunft Plena über :senf: statt über :zoom: abgehalten werden.
Das wurde mit 19 Stimmen und 0 Gegenstimmen abgesegnet. Wuhu!


1) Get my life in order

2) Be more active with

3) Get more people and organizations to join the Fediverse

Who gets your holiday money? 🎄 🎉 💰

Have you donated to organizations this year or will you do it now? Tell me in the replies who your money goes to.

Here is who I donated to / recommend donating to:

🇫🇷 @Framasoft
is a great organization that developed :tube: and :mobi: .
They also host a lot of services like .

🐍 @snopyta
Another great orga that hosts services that help you stay away from . They e.g. bring to you and .

💛 @senfcall
is a publicly hosted instance and by far the best alternative to and co that I know of.

Last but not least there is your local :fff: , :XR: or :EG: group that fights to save the world for you and your offspring.

2020 was a tough year for many of us, people, organizations and small companies alike. If you have some money left over there are a lot of better places to put it than to buy something on that you don't really need.

I just donated 1000€ to @senfcall.

In case you haven't heard of it yet is a public (video conference tool) server.

We are right now using it for the Austria federal plenum and it works great.
I hope we'll use it more for smaller calls too, instead of .

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