If it constantly happens, it's not isolated incidents, it's systemic!

If police constantly kills POC, it's not some bad apples, it's !

If a political party is full of nazis, it's a nazi-party!

If your fediverse instance is full of nazis, it's not a "" instance, it's a nazi instance!

If is constantly in the news for data leaks it's not data leaks, it's !

If there are weather extremes on a daily basis, it's not the weather, it's the !


from old account.

Follow recommendation for all the 'rs and 'ers:



Their motto is "self host all the things!" which is obviously a great way to stay away from .

Among many many other things they host and . Three services to access content from , and without sending any data to , or .

is a virus and measures and are the .

If most people used free software and cared for their privacy we'd have and nobody could collect about society.

But if you use any ( ) anti-services you are exposing everybody in your contacts list. You're basically an .


from my old account.

Since the main instance is closing down soon let me recommend invidious.snopyta.org/. It's an instance where the video proxy option is enabled by default.
So if you post a video here in the people who block with browser addons or whatever can see it right in your post and don't have to first click the link and enable video proxy.

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