Would you rather destroy the planet to save or destroy capitalism to save the planet?

ultimate poll 

Do you know what the spiderperson option means?

Okay, da sich noch niemensch gemeldet hat, ich aber gerne wüsste, mit wieviek menschen ich rechnen kann, hier ein .

Alle infos sind oben.

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mh- friendship, help?, poll 

I just found the contact data of the best friend I ever had.
I still love and miss her very much, although it's been 13 years or so since I've last had contact with her.
It ended very badly because of something evil that I did.

Should I contact her?

Direktwahl zur*m Kanzler*in

I autodelete my old posts - except for the better ones.
Do you think that's something people should do to help the instance admins keep the server size smaller?

Do you drink enough water?

friendship/relationship poll 

How many of your 5 favorite persons do you have a satisfying relationship with?

Feel free to elaborate if you want to.

What search engine are you using?

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Which designs do you prefer for stickers?

1. "Fediverse" on progress pride flag
2. "Fediverse" on progress pride flag + Fediverse logo
3. Join the Fediverse: Fediverse logo on white background
4. Join the Fediverse +: with Kiwi, the owl and little text

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Do you think - in the absence of any country willing to pay - groups that have money for stages at their protests, should pay money to groups?

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Do you think rich countries should pay to (most affected people and areas)?

What's the most evil software?

3 truths and a lie 

How well can you judge me.

3 of the following sentences are true, one is a lie:

I once had a Tumblr account with hundreds of thousands of followers.

I did something really bad when I was around 18 and I'm still very ashamed of it.

I once saved a life

My life was saved by other people 2 times.

So which one is the lie?

Do you have a purpose in live?

Feel free to share what's your purpose in life or what you think is missing.

Follow up .

Do you regularly check other profiles in a new browser tab to see if they feature anybody on their profiles?

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Do you use the "feature on profile" function, to highlight other accounts on your profile?

Who do you feature?

Quiz for everybody who is new:

When was the created?

Mir kommt vor, wenn ich einen Post hinter der CW "mh-" verstecke, dann interagiert kaum jemensch damit.
Bei "mh+" sieht das anders aus.

Fällt es dir schwer mit psychisch kranken über deren Probleme zu schreiben?

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