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‼️Disclaimer: This is not me. But I gave my "naming rights" for this. 😉

71% der Weltagrar-Fläche nur für Tierfutter - What?!

Folge 1 der Videokolumne "Paula to the People" von Paula Dorten, der 15-jährigen Klima-Aktivistin von . Für geht sie der Frage nach, wie es mit der weitergeht.

I'm an who votes.
I'm a who invests money into good causes.
I'm an who wouldn't punch a .
I'm an anti- without "many of my best friends being black".
I'm a who is against a .
I'm a advocate who is pro deplatforming of hate speakers.
I'm a activist who has .
I'm a who doesn't do it for the animals.
I'm an who spends a lot of my time being passive.
I'm someone who wouldn't board a plane, but dreams of flying.
I'm a activist who loves the heat.
I'm a enthusiast who can't code.

I'm a with lots of conflicts.

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
Teach a woman to fish, she'll eat for a while.
Teach human kind not to eat animals, they'll have enough food forever.


from old account.


My is already - made from 100% cotton.
Does anyone know where I can get eco cotton thread?
And pleas don't tell me Amazon.

Weiß jemensch wo ich Bio-Baumwolle-Garn zum herbekomme?
Am besten möglichst local (Österreich).

The first step to solve it is to admit you have a .


If you feel discriminated because other people use genderfriendly or anti-racist language (and don't force you to do so too) then you are blind to your privilege.
Real discrimination looks different.

I have been attacked for being a and for being , but I'm lucky that I live somewhere where I've never been discriminated for being .

I have many privileges and I'm sure I'm blind to many aspects of my privileges, which probably makes me somewhat , , and so on.

But I'm working on it.

"Durch die – am Freitag aufgehobene – Verordnung hat sich ein Rückstau von rund 400.000 schlachtreifen Schweinen gebildet, landesweit herrscht Gedränge in den Ställen. Darunter zu leiden haben Tiere und Schweinebauern gleichermaßen."

Wirklich? Gleichermaßen?!?