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Just 1% of people cause a stunning 50% of global aviation emissions

"Why do I have to limit my meat consumption and use paper straws while the 1% gets to pump tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a day trip to Palm Springs?"

The rich and powerful will continue to hoard money while millions of people are displaced from heatwaves, famine, floods and fires.

The system that is failing to respond to the climate crisis is the same one that caused it.


Okay since nobody is guessing anymore here are the answers:

1: 33
2: my former best friend
3: dependent personality disorder
4: Platon
5: Hip Hop
6: no
7: Werewolf (Werewolves of Düsterwald)
8: @Europakueken

Wie würde ich wohl gewisse Dinge nennen, wenn sie mir gehörten:

Ökostrom-Firma: Power to the People
Dating App: Paula to the People
Mehrzwecksaal in einer Uni: Aula to the People
Spa: Sauna to the People
Selbsthilfegruppe: Trauma to the People

Die Freund:innen von lebenslaute
- zurzeit in Berlin aktiv - schicken dieses Solifoto nach .

Kleine Erinnerung an unseren @stammtisch mit @imke und mir: Heute um 20:00. Mit dem #Stammtisch wollen wir #Kontakt und #Austausch im #Fediverse fördern. Kommt gerne dazu! Gerne teilen.

What do you think will save the #climate?

multiple choice #poll
#ClimateJustice #ClimateCrisis

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Ask Me Anything

And I mean absolutely anything (though silly questions get silly answers).

+ For every boost on this post I'll ask a question about myself and let ya'll guess the answer. Whoever gets the most questions right will receive... well I don't know. A virtual hug maybe.

Does anybody know a working instance or another way to view content without giving op one's privacy?


Möchte mir jemensch helfen ein Kapitel für meine zu schreiben, in der es darum geht, was ich die letzte Woche erlebt habe?
Gut wäre, wenn dies möglichst bald geschehen könnte, solange die Erinnerungen noch frisch sind.


How am I ever supposed to have friends if I'm a burden to everybody because of my mental health issues.

How am I supposed to ever overcome my social phobia if I only experience rejection all the time?

How am I supposed to ever overcome my depression if I have no friends?

How am I not supposed to hate myself if I'm caught up in such a vicious cycle of my own making.


Having a depression and being in quarantine with other people but feeling left out and lonely, but at the same time not having some space to withdraw yourself. That's a really shitty combination.

I just want to escape this. I'm even thinking about getting a hotel room for myself, except I don't have the money.

mh-, selfhatred, depression 

How can one not hate themselves, when they always totally overreact to absolutely nothing and want to hurt themselves?
I'm so sick of myself. I just want to end this.

corona, depression 

I haven't been this positive in a long time.

hopeful, mh~ 

It would really be so cool if we could stay friends and I believe it could happen. We would "only" be penpals anyway, since she is from Graz and I am from Vienna. So it would be harder to fuck this up for me again.
I believe I really deserve this.

While writing this I'm once again crying about all the friends I've lost in the past. Currently I basically have one fedi-/penpal and that's it.
I'd really really like to have a great IRL friendship once again, which is for sure one of the reasons why I cling so hard to every person I like.

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corona, mh but positive 

Its the first time I'm Corona positive and I'm in quarantine with someone I like. 😃
I met her on Saturday here in , Italy. We're both attending the conference week here. Well we were, now we won't be able to attend any workshops and discussions.
Anyway I really like her and now I hope this won't be another friendship that will end soon and in tears.
Something good should finally happen to me!

I don't have feelings for her - at least not yet - but I notice that I'm already dependent on her like I always am with people I like. If I could I would spend all day with her. Well now I probably can do so for a few days actually. 😃

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