has no talent?
Just duffers?


US Treasury Department keeps India on currency practices ‘monitoring list’.

The high standard & credibility of RBI so assiduously created over 80 years of hard work & professionalism is damaged now by a Modi Bhakt Shaktikanta Das

He is a shameless & incompetent person who has fooled an entire nation.
Time to fix him for his dishonesty & arrogance

Overshadows Modi's antics.

looks like a stunted dwarf in front of Gadkari's stature. It is surprising that BJP is tolerating a liability like Modi when they have leaders like Gadkari around.

Every Indian who is betrayed by this treacherous Politician curses him.

In the history of India, there hasn't been any regime that had such little remorse, guilt and contempt for public suffering. They are brazen, thick skinned and dont care for the pain, tears, suffering, loss of life and livelihoods of people. This regime is cursed by the haters and the faithful too. These curses flow from every nook and corner of the country, from every hospital, from every crematorium and even the temples. They come from people of all religions, faiths, castes and colour.

It is safe to say that this regime is possibly the most cursed regime in the history of India.

Creating a Festival out of a Pandemic....The Brainless PM. What did we elect.

An inept PM who is just "hot air" (Feku).
has pressurised Karyakartas to forget about Covid protocols and has caused them to get infected. These are karyakartas "imported" from other states as they don't have ground strength in West Bengal.
These karyakartas have gone and spread the virus in their villages causing widespread deaths to their near and dear ones in their villages.

The Press is sleeping. They will only know when their own will die.

This PM is cursed for his dumb ideas and inhuman arrogance.

A former Judge cries out in anguish at the passing away of his beloved wife.


The aim of the killings was to discourage voters and bring down voting percentages, and that has been achieved...But will probably still get wiped out.

Spineless Puppets....
The end of Democracy & the Nation was executed by a weak and cowardly Bureaucracy/ Govt. They exist because of Democracy otherwise the Militants etc will seize power & execute Traitors. The army is the only thing patriotic left

The “courage” to ban Mamata Banerjee & the cowardice to not lift a finger against BJP’s venomous beasts

This is your sad epitaph, Mr. Arora... Departing Election Commissioner!

Shame on the EC.

There was a time when they postponed Gujarat Elections after the pogrom, against the wishes of the government.

Now, they are puppets.

Massive Corruption exposed by of

Is he the only journalist who is asking questions?

Has Modi institutionalized Corruption by making the Bureaucracy & Police "collect"money for him ?

Is it the reason why was made ?

Did Modi con an entire nation in believing he would "deliver" India off all its "Evils"?

Have all his ideas turned out to be illogical disasters for India?

an illiterate who is unable to grasp Development Economics?

& killed Indian economy in 2016 but Modi waited for to hide behind & continue to "extol his virtues"? are paying for their blunder.

He single handedly destroyed the which was the biggest employer in India and contributed 70% of National Wealth Generation.

Is just a "emotive trick" to stay on in power, by fooling gullible Hindus repeatedly?

What is the point of an empty stomach and poverty driven Hindutva?

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