kia ora!

i am new here but excited to make connections and access info to do my part to make a difference to the way things are in the world. if anyone here also resides in new zealand would be really cool to meet likeminded people i can talk to about environmental and climate justice because it can feel like a weight on my shoulders sometimes feeling like its all too big and difficult to do on my own.

still navigating how to use this site so would appreciate if anyone has any tips or recommendations who to follow!

been thinking a bit about what i can do this month to do my part for climate change. as new zealand has never made climate change education mandatory i was thinking about constructing a letter or zine expressing my thoughts and ideas for change. if anyone else is keen to get involved in creating and writing it lmk! once we have something to work with next steps could be getting supporting signatures and then find a way to pitch it to the government?

i'm feeling inspired to put my energy into something to help make a difference but it is hard to motivate myself when it feels like i'm doing projects alone and have a busy schedule so if anyone's keen would be dope to hear from you :)

ngā mihi,

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