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Completely forgot to do an , so here I go!

My name is Alexis Emmalyn Jayden, I'm a 20 (21 in January) years old autistic, disabled, non-binary, glutenfree vegan. As many others, I joined Mastodon for the sake of the Instagram boycott. I'm quite idealist, I believe all humans are capable of good (and therefore accountable when they choose not to be good) and I dream of a world without money or power, where people can be and love their true selves and not harm or be harmed.

To relax I sing, embroider, play the piano (if I have one available) and make collages with pictures of my chosen family. I generally enjoy listening to people rant about any opinions that don't cross the line of morals and values that I call basic human decency. I judge people on their worst, not their best, because it is in the toughest of moments that someone shows who they really are. Regardless, I will always hold hope that terrible people can turn around and improve themselves.

Feel free to DM me with your ideas to improve the world or rants about people who disrespect others. I won't be available all the time, but I generally like talking with people.

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MITMACHEN! Netzaktivist*innen aus FR u. IT haben mit #BanFacialRecognitionEU eine Petition für ein VERBOT von GESICHTSERKENNUNG in EUROPA gestartet. Wir unterstützen das 100%ig. In Ö wurde am 1. Aug. Gesichtserkennung in den Polizei-Regelbetrieb überführt!

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Why do girls have to be taught how not to be sexually harassed?

Why do trans people have to learn how to pass in a binary system?

Why do POC have to be taught how not to be killed by the police?

Why do the people in power tell us, that we have to change our behavior to fix the climate?

Because the system is designed to blame the victims.

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