More of this at companies like Shell, please! (Consultant quits over the damage the company is doing to the planet)

I think I found the US gov strategy for fighting climate change

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So, should we talk about the next carbon bomb in our oceans ? How some sugar in the oceans could add more CO² to our atmosphere ?

#ActNow #CarbonBombs #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #ProtectOurOceans

OK, serious question: what’s the game plan? Fossil fuel companies are donating their way out of every problem the changing climate gives them.

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I’m heading up to the mountains here in California in a few weeks on a mini-holiday, and the areas we’re visiting are getting healthy doses of rain. Should be strikingly beautiful versus the scene last summer where these places almost burned up. I can’t wait to breathe the pine in the air!


It is difficult to bring this quote up by RBG without remembering exactly how quickly the GOP moved to undo her work.


Welp, was planning in screaming into the void about how Siberia is on fire again and Russia’s soldiers are too busy getting unalived by Ukrainians to help put them out.

Nope. Between Elon’s coming out party as a fascist sidekick-at-arms while the SCOTUS unveils their centerpiece act of depravity, there just won’t be bandwidth for the fact the only planet we know of that can sustain human life is leering perilously towards disaster.

I need a beer. Can we kickstart an “Idiocracy” sequel?

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IPCC AR6 RED TO ANNIHILATION compilation of the many AR6 embers Reasons for Concern overwhelmingly shows the "unlivable future"(AR6 WG3) , being ignored by our leaders and leading institutions, their legacy of annihilation

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Every word. 🔥

Honest Government Ad by thejuicemedia

Authorised by the Department for Blah Blah Blah, feat. Greta Thunberg

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Check out another way to highlight the irrelevance of "" when it comes to actually doing what it's supposed to do: since the was signed, "There has been no progress in any of the boundaries, the situation re: is getting out of control". h/t @ScientistRebellion


The single train of thought I had leaving the theater was “When was the last time I saw a movie better than this one?”

I can’t recommend this highly enough. The VFX crew was…7 people? That learned their craft during the pandemic?

This is one I’ll probably see in the theaters again, and will try to gather the family to see it with me.

Hey yall, Los Angeles native with crippling anxiety about the climate here. Visiting the Sequoias in a month and will share some pics. Please send pics of your pets or nazis getting punched

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