Same big impact, now at a lower price 📱 💚

We've dropped the price of our #Fairphone 3 and 3+, making it even easier to own the world’s most #sustainable smartphones. Good for the planet and your wallet.

Take a look 👉 :

#daretocare #sustainabletech

Wild Deodorant’s five star, eco-friendly, vegan, natural deodorant is effective, convenient, sustainable and delivered straight to your door.

It is free of aluminium, cruelty and single-use plastic.

Here's a 10% Wild Deodorant discount code:

Some people don't mind being spied on.

Some people are happy as long as their messages are E2EE.

Some people refuse to compromise when it comes to taking control of their personal data.

Those people #GetSession.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to privacy.

But if you refuse to compromise when it comes to keeping your identity and your data private and under your control — you should #GetSession.

Plausible is ready out of the box but you can also enable extra features 😎

📨 Email/Slack reports
📈 Traffic spike notifications
📄 Keywords from Search Console
🪄Serve the script from a custom domain
🔢 Outbound link clicks
⛔️ 404 error pages

I love @cryptpad and use it as my alternative to Google docs and sheets. See all of my alternatives to Google here 👇

CryptPad v3.25.1 loads your drive and documents from a local cache when available, letting you view a read-only copy while updates are still loading from the server.

This is a big step towards using CryptPad while fully offline!

Try it now on! #privacy

I’m proud to use on Ethical Revolution as part of my attempt to stop using Google. @plausible are one of many Google alternatives listed here 👇

I created an Amazon Alternatives page which helps people shop online without having to use Amazon. I’ve even got an ethical bookseller search tool on there. It searches loads of ethical alternatives to Amazon for the book you’re looking for ...and usually finds it cheaper too! 👇

Finishing with Facebook? I highlight ethical alternatives to the major social media platforms. Obviously I list Mastodon as the alternative to Twitter! 👇

Time to de-google? I’ve got plenty of options with ethical alternative search engines, browsers, email services, cloud services, maps, video sharing platforms, video calling software, web analytics, translation tools etc. all listed 👇

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