Hey guys, I'm writing my ba thesis on the question of how can contribute to the necessary transformation. Got any ideas? :)

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you don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism
you don't hate commercials, you hate capitalism
you don't hate your shoddy internet service provider, you hate capitalism
you don't hate shopping, you hate capitalism
you don't hate your job, you hate capitalism
you don't hate standardized learning, you hate capitalism

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Hallo #fediverse
Wir sind neu hier und wollen über unseren neu gegründeten Verein tooten.

Wir möchten unsere Umwelt grüner, nachhaltiger und solidarischer gestalten.

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Dieser Account hat jetzt 376 Follower.

Glaubt ihr, wir schaffen noch die 400 vor der Aktion am 28.09 ?

Das würde uns sehr freuen. :D Boosts welcome!

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The richest one percent of the world are responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the poorest half of humanity.

Guess which activity accounts for the largest share of the emissions of the rich?

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Scientists just discovered that - against all assumptions - there is no Planet B.
The whole system now has to be destroyed and rebuilt according to this bombshell discovery.

What do you guys think of Elon Musk's claims to save the earth with his ideas? Setup a colony on Mars, boost new means of transportation (electric car, Hyperloop), powerwall etc.?

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