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Sharing one of the articles that helped me cope the most with the climate emergency/crisis.

Catherine Ingram gives a blunt, straight, and, oddly enough, hopeful assessment of our future and our present on "Facing Extinction:

Truly a must read—one that I often come back to and to again.

"I am aware that virtually no one in my family and few of my friends are either ready to hear this information now or will be prepared to face what is ahead in time. It is pointless to try to warn them if they are not ready. My attempts at hinting usually lead to blank stares or agitation. I have come to accept that for some people, their fate is to continue the romp of life, oblivious to the dangers ahead. Maybe it is best that they enjoy whatever good times are left, even though there might be extreme panic in the last phase. Maybe it is just as well that they continue as they have been for as long as possible. Maybe it will postpone chaos and lawlessness the world over until the systems fully crash."

"There are also some simple thought reflections and actions that might be helpful:

- Find your community (or create one).
- Find your calm.
- Release dark visions of the future, and pace your intake of frightening news.
- Be of service.
- Be grateful.
- Give up the fight with evolution.

Despite our having caused so much destruction, it is important to also consider the wide spectrum of possibilities that make up a human life. Yes, on one end of that spectrum is greed, cruelty, and ignorance; on the other end is kindness, compassion, and wisdom. We are imbued with great creativity, brilliant communication, and extraordinary appreciation of and talent for music and other forms of art. We cry in tenderness when we are touched by love, beauty, or loss. We cry in empathy for others’ pain. Some of us even sacrifice our lives for strangers. There is no other known creature whose spectrum of consciousness is as wide and varied as our own.


As Leonard said, "It is in love that we are made; in love we disappear." "

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"Since 1985, I’ve been told we don’t have time to change the system: we should concentrate only on single issues. But we’ve never had time not to change the system. In fact, because of the way in which social attitudes can suddenly tip, system change can happen much faster than incrementalism. Until we change our political systems, making it impossible for the rich to buy the decisions they want, we will lose not only individual cases. We will lose everything."

For instance, one of the most interesting projects offering a broad range of services and tools for activists I've found so far is

Do check them out.

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If anyone knows about interesting activism-friendly hosting services/projects/technologies, let me know.

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Just stop oil. We’ve been kicking that can down the road for centuries. The sooner we would’ve hit the breaks, the softer/slower the break could’ve been because the urgency was lower.

Also, if you have a recommendation of more sustainable cryptos, feel free to discuss.

At this point I really don't want to feed/participate in the carbon beast that is Bitcoin, looking to more sustainable cryptos that could be leveraged (Chia, Ethereum wit PoS but I think it's still not in place..., etc).

May do a research on that later and publish my remarks.

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If anyone has suggestions on resources and web hosting for activists/activism (plus if they accept a decent range of crypto) send it my way, I appreciate it.

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Been more quietly lately, but with a lot going through my mind.

ATM, fiddling with the idea of setting up a website/blog/wiki on a cyber toolkit (of sorts) for a safer, responsible and affordable eco-activism.

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Tengo que reconocer que es un poco comunistorro el punto de vista, pero acabo de descubrir un juegazo:

Half-Earth Socialism: The Game

Play as a planetary planner and decide what we should do about the climate, biodiversity, and human welfare. Can you bring the world safely to a better place?

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📢 Le rapport du est formel : à sa publication, il nous restait 3 ans pour agir.

🔴 Il ne nous reste plus que 1002 jours pour agir vraiment.
⏳Tic Tac... Tic Tac...

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> 20 richest billionaires emit 8,000 times more carbon than 1 billion poorest

Let that sink in. Please take some time. Please.

Tweet von Matthias Schmelzer (@MGSchmelzer) um 28. Juni, 20:59
Oxfam Inequality Report is out:

➡ 10 richest men doubled their wealth in the pandemic, while the incomes of 99% of people fell
➡️ Inequality contributes to death of 1 person every 4 seconds
➡️20 richest billionaires emit 8,000 times more carbon than 1 billion poorest

My concern is that we're taking much of our institutions and civilization on our society for granted, without acknowledging how frail and empty they are. We act like they will come to our rescue, while ignoring our duty to defend and reclaim them in the face of an ever growing number of undermining efforts from multiple sides.

My fear is that these very institutions, which aren't at all ready to address a sudden collapse of several of these ecosystems, will soon pivot to a 'self-surviving mode' while trying to portrait a whole 'we got this under control, don't worry, keep working' until they can no longer keep the mask up.

We can't get them get away with it! Don't stop speaking Truth and Justice to Power!

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I'm starting to get the impression the is growing more and more intense.

Under the hood, on the foundations of our ecosystems, there are daily reminders and signs of an accelerated deterioration. But, if you take a look outside, on our societies, on our squares, on our gatherings and work, all is OK, business as usual, no stop to reflect. (Capitalism did this to ourselves.)

It's like watching the very "Don't Look Up" film unfolding in front of your very own eyes.

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Posting climate science denial on social media is a crime against humanity.

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Can't stop to feel this immense guilt, for what I'll answer my son when we asks "Why?" about many things. The dreadful of all, "why did you condemned me to this?".

Hell, even me I'm starting to get some frustration to my parents generation somehow.

It will be a shit show.

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“So, every year US citizens' data production and consumption habits emit about 2.4 billion kg of CO2. You'd need to plant 230 million trees to deal with that pollution. By 2022, Cisco estimates it will be 304 GB per person per month. We'd need to plant over 500 million trees to deal with that.”

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With climate defeatism, it’s OK to believe we’re not gonna make it. It’s OK feel worn down and frustrated and unheard.

What I nix is when that defeatism makes you obstruct, or get in the way of, or hinder, us trying for a chance no matter how slim. When we’re trying to think of solutions and trying to come up with things we can do, and you come in with a hat mismatch and start flooding the conversation with your “it’s no use”. (As in, repeatedly.)

That’s not cool. For my own health and for the health of everyone with me.

And, I feel guilty about saying that. We all know that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about, and I, you don’t have to believe me but I do know how it feels.

And maybe you and yours are exactly the kind of people we need to reach the most. Maybe the most. And if the way you feel is anything near what I’ve felt when I’m been at my most pessimistic, if that’s the case, then you’re the kind of person who needs our support, our comfort, our companionship here on the brink.

And I don’t know what to do about you, with you, for you but step one is that you please STFU with that kind of “race to the bottom” talk.

Can we please have some orthogonality between on the one hand the line stretching from “believing we’re doomed” to “believing there’s a chance if we haul our collective asses” (because no matter where you are on that line, you might still be one of us) vs on the other hand the line from “we’re gonna try to avert this doom” to “we’re going on one final gasoline-fueled binge because we might as well enjoy these final days” (because that’s when We’re Gonna Have To Have Words)?

And it’s OK to take breaks and we’re all in it together (kinda no getting away from that, either it’s 1🌏1♥ at least on this issue, or we’re dead as disco), but it’s not OK to be sabotaging our efforts or even our futile li’l dumb&desperate brainstorming sessions with your defeatist mind virus.

And it’s not your fault and I feel your pain, but a lot of us are also on the edge here so don’t clown around and drag us down there, instead let’s try to set this right.

I’m cool with being wiped out by an asteroid or earthquake or volcano but I’m not gonna be chill with standing in front of the scythe in shame knowing that as humanity was creating their own li’l man-made mess, I didn’t at least try.

The following is gonna sound morbid, but when I’m at my most pessimistic, I take some amount of comfort in: OK, humanity chose this. Or enough humans did. Maybe they didn’t know what the heck they were doing, or maybe it was because they were helpless as mere cells in a malicious organism probably better known as incentive-driven markets, or maybe they wanted it because they were like fuck the future I’ve got mine, or they were like excuses excuses excuses excuses, but either way, if we do flub it, it’s because they chose it. And there’s some comfort in that.

I sometimes think of it as we’re on a boat and I see clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right and they all whip out drills and start going ham om the hull. And I’m like OK I guess that’s the way you wanted it, that was the outcome of the big old CO2e election. That was the game and that was the outcome of the game.

But I’ll be damned if I join them. You’ll never get me to pick up that drill. I’m gonna work my ass off trying to pour water out from the boat, trying to fix those holes. Until my dying breath.

And as much as I know you’re in pain, please don’t get in the way of that, please don’t get in the way of us who are trying to fix the boat. Come join us when you can.

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