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If you thought the UK was a leading democracy and a champion of women rights, think again. You'd think the Met would at least have the decency to leave women to mourn in peace.
But with new legislation aiming at making peaceful protest illegal.and in a global context of decreasing civil liberties in which governments increasingly respond to dissent with heavy handed policing, this inst't surprising.

The normal rules of business are designed to protect the profits of large companies. It's not just in the case of COVID that this approach doesn't work.
So, which of the vaccine manufacturer s will be willing to heed the call of the director general of the World Health Organization and forgo their "me first" approach? Any bets?

The Energy Charter Treaty is an insult to democracy, ask the EU to withdraw from it.

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Google says it won’t use technologies that track you across multiple websites in the future. The question that remains is: Is Google to change its practices because they respect your privacy or to prevent stricter regulation from governments?

As an emigrant (of sort) and probably no longer French enough, I found this article fascinating . All the more so that I am now seriously considering applying for citizenship of what is now, (after 30 years), my second country.
This wouldn't make me change my mind!!!

While my horse and my boat both have Facebook accounts (which they very rarely use), I had closed mine even before I had read "Surveillance capitalism", and I never had a Twitter account (nor has my horse, by the way). I’d kind of given up on Social media until I found out about Mastodont through my Tutanota mail account.
I fully agree with E. Snowden, a man I greatly admire when he says that: “Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” Well, may be I have nothing to hide, and nothing to say, but I do care !
So now, it looks like I have found a social media outlet that I can use confidently, I’ll give it a try !

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