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Given the level of technology we have today, if your system does not provide adequate sustenance, accommodation, education, and healthcare for all, it is not because it can’t; it’s because it is designed not to.

Even though the article wants to avoid Western saviour mentality, it still only talks about US and former colonial powers acting on Africa.
"Curing the Sahara blues" africasacountry.com/2021/09/cu

Onko uusin koronavariantti nyt sitten Pikku Myy?

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I WANT !!!!!!

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German #greens propose 5 point strategy to create a European #nighttrain network like this 👇
Yes please!! 🤩🚂🌜

🐦🔗: twitter.com/PGolka/status/1438

Music video for Blondie's Tide is High is really something. "It depicts the band waiting out on the street for singer Debbie Harry, who appears to be trapped in a flooding apartment. All the while she is being monitored from outer space by what appears to be a Darth Vader-like alien being. She soon reunites with the band on the street and they drive to a rocket launch and fly into space. They then crash into the spaceship or space station. Harry confronts the alien being and begins dancing with him." (From Wikipedia)

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Dream idea:

An open software + hardware platform that's kind of like pro hardware video switchers, but has USB ports instead of HDMI so normal people like me can plug in their webcams without needing pro gear. It could run OBS and work as an external appliance dedicated to source switching and doing RTMP out.

Not sure if there's any open hardware single board computers that have the horsepower to do multiple sources, compositing, transitions, etc but that'd be cool, right?

Or does this exist?

Pitäisi varmaan käydä spreijaamassa "REDRUM" Louis Vuittonin myymälän näyteikkunaan. yle.fi/uutiset/3-12091852

We must be compassionate, though. It must have been a traumatic experience to find out that you are causing . Companies are people, too! (At least according to American law.)

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Companies are constantly seeking these "weak signals" to gain competitive advantage. Instead of acting rationally and using latest scientific knowledge to their advantage, oil companies had emotional reaction of denial.

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This means that every oil company is either transitioning into (renewable) energy company or going out of business. Currently it's so called "weak signal" that is easy to ignore.

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We have all the pieces for economy. We just need to build the infrastructure. This is a good article on importance of infrastructure. cardus.ca/comment/article/care

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Even though he is a crypto guy, Vinay Gupta has good points.
"Can the World Computer Save the World? Part 1: Wicked Problems | by Vinay Gupta | Mattereum - Humanizing the Singularity | Aug, 2021 | Medium" medium.com/humanizing-the-sing

One megatrend is obvious. On this century world will be divided into economies who have solved their dependency on and economies who haven't.

No ainakin on saanut aikaan sen, että S-ryhmä mainostaa olevansa #2025.

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I'm switching to Finnish for a Finland specific example. Vihreät taistelevat ilmastonmuutosta vastaan ja Keskusta maatalouden puolesta tajuamatta, että maanviljelyn säilyminen Suomessa vaatii valtavan muutoksen riippumatta siitä onko kyse hiilineutraalista Suomesta vai ilmastonmuutoksen runtelemasta Suomesta.

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