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I've been thinking slogans for my startup. "Move fast and break capitalism" "We interpret capitalism as damage and route around it"

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I'll record this here. My estimate is that the pandemic lasts 3-5 years. Starting from either first case in China (Nov. 17 2019) or when WHO declared pandemic (Mar 11 2020). Meaning wnd would be between November 2022 and March 11 2025.

The Solidarity Economy Association are organising a series of online conversations with global 'Gamechangers' including the Women's Economy organisation in Rojava, Cooperation Jackson, @guerrillamediacollective and much more!

The first event this Saturday 10 September features Cooperation Jackson!

Sign up here ❤️ 👉 :

Reminder: You're not lazy. You are just saving energy.

Finally came across a group using something other than Google forms to coordinate their action

They're using Framaforms (TIL about this tool)

The group is which is planning a global day of action on Sep 9 in solidarity with flood victims in Pakistan

Scifi-idea: Ihmiset jatkavat kuolemansa jälkeen olemassaoloa simulaationa ja käsittelevät ruokalähettifirmojen tilauksia.

the more you learn about colonisation the worse it gets 

things I knew:

- my home area was taken from Guarani and Jê folk (Kaingang and Laklãnõ)
- forest folk had sophisticated agroforestry technology that the coloniser failed to even see, let alone understand
- many "agricultural" staples where domesticated by Amazonian folk that the coloniser called "hunter-gatherers" "without agriculture", including potato, yam, cocoa, manioc, chilli, peanut, tobacco, and a whole lot of fruit and nut trees
- that technology supported large, federated populations with roads and river "cities", that early colonisers reported on, later Christian historians dismissed as myth, and archeologists up until recently failed to spot. LIDAR technology, new evidence gathered after rampant deforestation, and a small softening of colonial prejudices has now proved the old stories right.
- we only ever got any reasonable documentation of indigenous folk after they were deep into postapocalyptic conditions, after 1500. most ethnobotanical knowledge is lost.
- my native biome, the Atlantic forest, was a product of human engineering, like the Amazon forest; from the soil to the selection of trees, everything was stewearded by human residents
- in the long night of 500 years, the native population has been genocided upwards of 97%
- in the long night of 500 years, the distinctive araucaria pine, along with the Araucaria Atlantic forest it supports, has been ecocided upwards of 97%.

things I didn't know:
- human-useful trees like açaí, cocoa and Brazil nut are "hyperdominant" in the Amazon, several orders of magnitude more frequent than what they'd be without human management (227 tree species, or 1.7% of total known, make up more than half of it; açaí is the single most frequent tree.)
- Amazonian people hunted little, and their agroforestry focused on tree crops more than grain or tubers. They fished often.
- by contrast with coloniser agriculture, indigenous cultures seemed to have a knack for diversity and experimentation within the ecosystem. the Caiapó developed 56 varieties of sweet potato; the famously polyamorous Canela, 52 broadbeans; the Baniwa 78 chili cultivars, etc. etc.
- in the Atlantic area, the Jê were nomadic and cycled through food sources through the year
- for the autumn period when the araucaria produces that staple of my childhood, the pinhão nut, they would hang around araucaria sources as their primary source
- the onset of Kaingang-style underground houses happened circa 1000 years ago
- the araucaria pine population starts exploding in the fossil record ca. 1000 years ago
- the conflicts between Kaingang, Laklãnõ and colonisers were about araucaria trees.

so if I'm getting this correctly,

- ca. 1000 years ago, the Proto-Jê arrive. In the space of 500 years they turn the Atlantic Forest into the Araucaria landscapes we know.
- ca. 500 years ago, the coloniser arrive. in the same time period, they all but extinguish this whole high-biodiversity biome. for wood.

Longtermists make make three assumptions I don't agree with.

First one is that space will be colonized.

Second is that we can build accurate computer simulation of human life.

Third one is that the those simulations will be at least as happy as current people.

Namecheap's CEO finally conceded there was a security problem, and has now blocked pretty much everyone who criticised him, after spending about two days insulting and lying about the issue to the person who reported it. Don't use 'em!


Antikapitalistinen talouslehti

I feel bad for peep that come 2 fedi make these heart felt posts and get literally 0 interaction, no stars, no reshares, no follows, eventuallyl they just leave. and thats on us, Fedi doesn't have an algorithm to ink people with their interests, and the way federation functions it can easily over represent certain people ( like anime spammers ) while giving others 0 reach

so keep that in mind don't be stingy with likes and reshares, and manually check in on your follow(er) list once in awhile

Shitpost finpol 

Ehkä hän suunnittelee kertovansa siitä kymmenosaisessa omaelämäkerrallisessa kirjasarjassa "Kadonnutta palkkaa etsimässä".

Pormestari Vartiainen saa kovaa ryöpytystä palkkasotkusta: ”Monessa maassa tulisi lähtö” - Kaupunki |

Listening Griftonomics episode on Longtermism.

Funny thing is that if you take any kind of long term view, issues become pretty obvious. It's not about superhuman ai or space colonisation. We have roughly a century of fossil fuels left. Since Western industrial civilization is based on fossil fuel, unless we change our energy system, it too has roughly a century left.

It's ironic that people talk about things thousands or millions of years in the future when they make assumptions that will hold true at most a century.

Since James Cameron is basically lifting plots for his Avatar movies from Kevin Costner films, I bet Avatar 3 tells a story about Na'vi who has a vision to build an arena for a traditional Na'vi sport on a field. I just hope is some kind of not-quiddich on not-dragons.

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