I am not asking you to sign yet another petition, or to join yet another march. I do not want you to feel good about yourself because you carried your banner down the road, or because you clicked a link and typed in your name, or because you donated to a well-known organization to "save the rainforest".

All those marches and petitions, have they ever changed a thing? Carbon emissions were still growing back in 2019, and the COVID exception won't last (neither did the 2008 banking crisis exception).

All those attempts to "save the rainforest", has there ever been a single year from 1950 to today where the Amazon rainforest gained a single square kilometer in extent? Delaying defeat is not the same as winning the fight.

If the rules say you can protest only this way or that way and "voice your opinion" where your voice is not heard, stop following the rules. You cannot unfuck a broken system by playing by its rules. You have to break the rules.

I am asking you to revolt. I am asking you to step out of your comfort zone to prevent what is destroying us from happening. I want you to glue yourself to the company gates in order to stop the delivery of that coal shipment. I want you to camp on the drilling site to keep oil and gas in the ground. I want you to stop paying your taxes if those taxes are spent on fossil fuel bailouts.

The rules are always designed by the people in power, and designed to keep those people in power. Forget petty politicians. What I'm talking about are the big fish. The billionaires. Those who have so much money they cannot possible spend it in a hundred lives.

They tell you what to read [1], what to want [2] and even what to think [3], in order to make even more money off you as if they didn't have enough of it already. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Think again:

1: Who owns the newspapers you read, and the TV channel you watch? It's publicly traded, you say. Who is this "public"? Half of all US stocks is in the hands of the richest 1%.

2: Ever wondered about why you keep seeing all those ads everywhere? It is big money spending small money to make you give even more money to the big money. You say ads don't work? Psychologists (and company balance sheets) suggest otherwise.

3: This is the greatest danger of all. Facebook (also owning Instagram and WhatsApp) has built a digital monopoly the likes of which the world has never seen before - and there are other companies such as the Google empire (including, f. ex., Youtube). By collecting data on every single click you make, they can figure out your greatest dreams, and your worst fears. And they employ armies of behavior analysts in order to figure out how to push your buttons. Algorithms are designed to keep you hooked to the site, in order to generate even more revenue. Filter bubbles have invented the self-deepening rabbit hole. With the "right" algorithm, they can put right under your nose what they want you to see, while burying contrary evidence. Truth itself, it seems, has become relative in the age of Trump.

@martha "All those marches and petitions, have they ever changed a thing?"

Woman's suffrage, civil rights act. Did anything ever change without the population showing they are passionate about it?

You do what you like, a mix of strategies is good, but has a revolt ever made the Amazon larger?


On woman's suffrage: you are aware the suffragette's tactics involved a lot more than marches? They "heckled politicians, tried to storm parliament, were attacked and sexually assaulted during battles with the police, chained themselves to railings, smashed windows, set fire to postboxes and empty buildings, set bombs in order to damage churches and property and faced anger and ridicule in the media", to quote the Wikipedia article.

On Civil Rights, you know the story of the schoolchildren in Birmingham, Alabama? They achieved what the adults couldn't do, and managed to get rid of segregation in '63. How? Those brave children marched in spite of racist laws forbidding them to do so, were firehosed and went to jail by the thousands, unafraid. A mere week later, segregation was gone in their city. Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat. Numerous sit-ins were staged in defiance of racist laws. Martin Luther King himself went to jail time and time again.

Open revolt is a tactic of last resort, after anything else (especially any attempt to reason with those in power) has failed. After 30 years of criminal climate inaction, that point has clearly been reached.

Resistance and revolt does not mean "armed uprising". In fact, non-violent tactics have been more successful, and the results achieved more sustainable.

@martha Yes, I am. Those were a small number of people, especially compared to the number of people marching. Most "just" participated in marches and displayed how many people were supporting the Ideas.

If you want to do something more radical be my guest. Just stop hating on people who do not. It is the diversity of strategies that delivered.

I do not "hate" people who do not support any more radical forms of protest. I am just voicing my dissent over waves of "feelgood activism", aka activities which only make the activists feel better about themselves without actually changing a thing. So much time and effort is put into planning the 99th climate demonstration, with people deluding themselves into believing the 99th one will achieve what 98 could not.

Don't forget: these are people who understand the seriousness of the situation we are in. It is time to act accordingly.

@martha Maybe Beau of the Fifth Column say it better what I was trying to say about the value of a mix of strategies. (He even mentions the term.)

@martha Hmm. This comes across as a bit...not sure what word to use. The things you're describing as "revolt" ("glue yourself to the company gates", "stop paying your taxes if..." ) are typical of civil disobedience, which very much seeks to play within a set of rules respectable to oppressors, not revolt or revolution. Taking up arms & rebellion are what's necessary for s revolution, & there are groups which are currently taking such a route around the world. Should they be joined? Are there shortcomings with them you think need to be avoided? etc.

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