good morning ✨ don't forget to work towards the redistribution of wealth and the liberation of colonies and semi-colonies in everything you do 💖

@mitzijonelle this breaks the brains of American Liberals who subconsciously justify the butcher of capitalism and colonialism.

relevant song

@mitzijonelle Can someone explain this? Bc i dont get it

If the wealth within a country was distributed equally, the *average* would still be the same, wouldn't it?

@ijyx @mitzijonelle
If whealth within a country was distributed equally, everyone would have the same whealth. With other words, if you pick one random person, they would have a constant wealth.

However, wealth is not distributed evenly in most (if not all) contries. Some few people own a great percantage of the wealth. So if you pick a random person, they will be poorer than the average.

@maxi @mitzijonelle ooh thank you

So when they say the "average person" in a country would have twice as much money as they do now, they basically mean "the people with the most common income in this country would have twice as much"?

This makes the second map really interesting in all but a handful of countries, the wealth of the average person would increase? The USA and European countries all profit from slave labor worldwide, and if that was stopped, most people even in those rich countries would still have more than they do now?

@trisschen Thank you. That make sense.

But then I doubt the underlying data. Egalitarian societies like Sweden and Germany would be as unequal as America and Russia? While the UK, Brazil and a range of (near) dictatorship would be much more egalitarian according to the top map? Hard to believe.

@ijyx @maxi @mitzijonelle

@mitzijonelle What did they plot here? If you redistribute wealth, the average wealth does not change by definition.

@GrassrootsReview @mitzijonelle ... but then the average person will probably identify more with "average person" vs. "person with median wealth" :)

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