roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

@humanetech @EU_Commission @Chartodon

It does make you wonder how much of Twitter is real and/or visible and/or manipulated. They won't let us see their code, so we'll never really know.

One of the best things about the wave of new people is watching them discover a non-toxic social media environment where numbers don't matter the way they thought :blobcat:

l’utilisation de systèmes d’identification biométrique (SIB), tels que la #reconnaissanceFaciale dans l’espace public, représente l’une des plus grandes menaces pour les droits fondamentaux et la démocratie!
Lettre aux euro députés!

The Istanbul prosecutor has called for the dissolution of Turkey's most important feminist movement, accusing it of "acting against the law and morality" and of operating with the aim of "disintegrating the family structure".

Quand tu dois choisir entre manger un cordon bleu ou une saucisse purée, sans demander à #McKinsey.


In apprend dans @Mediapart que JM Blanquer était en vacances à Ibiza quand il a pondu son protocole de dernière minute le 2 janvier comme un gamin pris en faute qui aurait attendu toutes les vacances pour faire ses devoirs à la dernière minute

(le monsieur est tellement "concentré sur sa tâche" comme il dit dans la même interview qu'il trouve le temps d'aller inaugurer la fête à neu-neu des paniques morales anti-woke dans un amphi loué à la Sorbonne)

🎉 Check out our plan for 2022 🎉

This year, we will continue our advocacy work, start running for elections as Atlas and build a Digital State 0️⃣ ➡️ 1️⃣

🎯 Our goal? To make Equitism a mainstream, where everyone is treated fairly, and we put well-being first, no matter if it's the well-being of individuals, society, and our future.

🌎 We are doing it with our global community

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(@FreeOlivierDub1), à 2 janv. à 18:01
Olivier Dubois is a French journalist who was kidnapped in Gao, Mali on April 8, 2021 while doing his work.
Today marks 270 days of his freedom being deprived. Olivier is the only known French hostage in the world.


Tweet de Atlas (@atlasmovement), à 30 déc. à 10:13
This month, we organised townhalls with @frances_hui and other activists to discuss if a Government in Exile is an option for democracy future.

📽 Watch our town hall again

Fossil Fuels must stay in the ground!

Join our campaign! Sign our global petition to ban

👉 Stopping subsidies could cut global emissions by 1/3.

📢 We're working to create the 1st #Digital State

Key Features:
✅ Borderless
#Inclusive - people from all over the world can apply for citizenship
#Democratic - all citizens can partake in the governance
✅ Your ideas Index pointant vers la droite

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